Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

One of my most favourite computer tricks is capturing pictures of cool things off of the internet.
A little trick I learned from The Irish Geek Squad was that you can press your SHIFT key and your PRINT SCREEN key at the same time, and capture the entire screen of your monitor.

To the average person, this may not seem like an amazing trick, but you must remember that I am quite artistic and learning this trick opened up a lot of doors for me as far as creating cool stuff on my computer.

But now, I have a PC. I ADORE my PC. But it has Windows 7 and I am still learning how to use some of the features. And in that respect, I'm a lot like a guy. Am I going to take the tutorial of how to run my PC? Hell no! I like naps, but that would be a total snooze-fest!

Instead, when I need to know something, I get on IGoogle (not just Google, because I've advanced to the really COOL format of IGoogle) and I ask "Windows 7 capture screen" or whatever else it is that I am looking to learn, and viola! There is my answer!

For Windows 7, the feature I was needing is "The Snipping Tool".
I had to do a quick search to make it appear, but now that I have it in my options tool box,
you'll be seeing many more pictures here on my blog!

For example, Hubby and I have recently swapped bedrooms with our young son. He got the better end of the deal. Our room was much larger and is in better shape. And sadly, now that all of our stuff is out of there, it is even more cozy! The sun shines in there all afternoon and it just has a very inviting feeling about it.

Our new room is... small. Our new bed is oversized, and there's not a lot of room to move around. But I've got some plants in there now to make it more homey. I couldn't do that upstairs because it can get awfully cold up there (mattress warmers are an amazing thing for a cold room). A plant can't snuggle up in a warm bed.

I still need to fix the ceiling in our new bedroom. Maybe this summer. And the room needs a paint job badly. But I love the sunny yellow it is right now. It just needs a fresh coat. However, if I am going to go to that trouble, I'm going to do something cool with it as well.

I want 3 of the walls sunny yellow, and I want one wall royal purple and lavender. Only in THIS sort of design:

I've borrowed this picture from Jennifer Greenberg's web site. You should browse it!
But in the mean time, try to picture a bedroom wall with diamonds of lavender and royal purple.
Cool, eh?

You see, I want to keep the mouldings the colour they already are. I figure a good washing will do for those. Hubby and I spent hours making them 3 shades of berry to bring out the architectural beauty in them. I don't want to erase the love that went into doing that. And I think Purple will only enhance it more.

I have also learned other cool computer tricks lately. I bought a zip card so that I can snag pictures off of my phone and put them on the computer. And the cool thing is that it also works with our son's DSI! So I can post some of his better works of art here as well!

Be very grateful that he deleted the picture we took the other night. Long story short, the Kid left a turd in the toilet as long as my arm! I kid you not, it looked like an alien tentacle coming up out of the water searching for a human! So.... we took a picture.... to send to Uncle Marty. Uncle Marty appreciates such things.... and when you edit pictures on the DSI and then hit the 'Restore" button, the picture quivers.... well, you can only imagine.

Yes, we are sick people around here. But hey! We need to keep the laughter happening somehow! If we don't, we cry... but that's another story.