Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What it's like to work with ME!

One of the gals that I work with was having a bad day today, and was awfully grumpy. I asked her why she was so grumpy today and she just shrugged her shoulders.
So then I asked "Do you need a parade to cheer you up?" She shrugged her shoulders again and said grumpily "Maybe...."
So during a short lull in work, I created some little signs on colored paper that said "Cheer Up, Butter Cup!", "Smile Already!" and "THIS is YOUR Parade!" and taped them to tongue depressers
Then, three of us went marching past her desk humming the circus theme song, throwing chocolate kisses at her. It totally made her day! =)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tales of Yore

Gather round, Kids! I'm gonna tell you a story of yesteryear!
Back when I was young, Jukeboxes were really big and flashy, and were the focal point of most taverns. You could put in a quarter and get three songs! This, of course was a dilemma for us, since I have three siblings, so two of us had to agree on one song instead of all of us getting to pick out our own favorite.

But you got a whole THREE songs for a quarter!

If you went to the local K-Mart to buy a 45 record, it would cost you 75 cents to a dollar to purchase that record. And if you wanted to buy the album, it cost about 5 dollars.

Now, when you play the Jukebox, a computerized little box that is mounted on the wall that is touch sensitive, it costs you a dollar per song. The same amount as if you went to ITunes and purchased that song for your own collection. What the heck? I am merely playing the song, not buying it for a life time. How do they achieve this pricing structure?

I suppose it makes up for internet theft. But I feel dirty paying that much just to hear a song! Especially when the machine decides to play a different song instead of the one I selected!

I guess I wasn't meant to hang out in pubs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interesting Reading

In an effort to understand the psyche of Casey Anthony, Investigation Discovery enrolled the help of Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, a renowned criminal profiler who has over 20 years experience in profiling everything from serial murders to aberrant sex crimes. In 1999, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin profiled the BTK serial killer. Years later, when Dennis Rader was arrested for the crimes, the profile proved to be a shockingly accurate reflection of the killer.

According to Dr. Schurman-Kauflin, Casey Anthony is a "dark damsel" who is seemingly ignoring the disappearance of her 2-year-old child, Caylee Anthony.

"The hallmark of a good predator is that she constantly tells lies. If you clutter the truth with enough of what's false, no one can tell what is real," Dr. Schurman-Kauflin said. "This is why the female offender keeps everyone guessing with deception. Keep people chasing their tails, and they don't have the time to fight you. You will often find female offenders are remarkably good at making people do what they want. They are especially skilled at manipulating men. Women know there is more than one way to make a man wild. She can seduce him. She can lead him in circles. When that fails, she can kill. Seduce-circle-kill."

By examining Anthony's behavioral patterns, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin said that her true self will become visible and it will become easier to predict her actions.

"In her eyes, those close to her are mere things that can be tossed in the trash when they get in the way. Follow her men, and you will follow her thinking. What that means is female predators are especially driven by their need to feel sexual and appealing. They need their men more than they need their families. Male attention is exciting, while family is judgmental. Men build her ego, but their children tear it down. What feeds her ego? If you figure this out, you figure her out. Seduce-circle-kill."

In regards to the trail of lies surrounding the case, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin said that they suggest Anthony is desperate for attention.

"She went toward excitement and lied when it suited her," she said, adding, "Lies surround her. Truth looks very hard to find here."

Unfortunately, determining what happened to Caylee is not as clear-cut.

"It is unclear at this point what happened to Caylee. However, what is clear is that Ms. Anthony did not put Caylee first when the child disappeared," Dr. Schurman-Kauflin said. "She did not do her best to help police find the responsibility [child] that had taken so much of her life. There have been rumors that she partied while her child faded into the night. Finally, she comes across as angry that people care more for her missing child than her. Her pattern comes across very clear. She put herself first, at least when it came to her disappearing baby."

In summary, Dr. Schurman-Kauflin said that if Anthony's patter of behaviors is followed, the truth behind Caylee's disappearance will be revealed.

Hmmmmm. This concerns me greatly. I know people who fit this profile.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Isn't Summer Awesome?

Been meaning to blog, but I've just been too busy living these days! After all, it IS summer!

This past week was emotionally charged, knowing that Hubby's Birthday was on the 29th. But we got through it with positive thoughts. I am still working through a lot of things in my mind. It's a constant process. All of the "What If's" and they "Why did they do it that way?" thoughts, and of course, there will probably always be flashbacks of The Journey. It's a lot like having PTSD. But then on the flip side, I also have so many wonderful memories of our life together, and keeping those close to my heart helps me to move forward and want to find even more to enjoy in life.

It's the July 4th Weekend, and ours is action packed!
Friday Night, I had dinner and cocktails with my sister Barb, which is always a great way to start a weekend. We stopped at the Dollar Tree and I got a little crazy cuz I hadn't been there in a while. EVERYTHING is just a DOLLAR, Y'all! How can you pass this stuff up? Ha ha ha! The Child even found some fireworks there, which we lit off last night.

Yesterday morning, I woke to a very hot and humid day. I took my shower and realized that there was no way my hair was going to behave in such humidity. so I got out my Mini Hair Clips and just started putting my hair up. It ended up looking pretty cool!

Yesterday, we went to Sawdust Days. Last year, we discovered the band Purgatory Hill there, and I think they are just such an amazing duo! Click on the link, enter their site, and be prepared for something uniquely Magical! Pat plays a Cigar Box Guitar and gets the craziest sounds out of that thing! And Melanie Jane drives in the back beat with a fierceness you'd never expect from such a tiny, beautiful little lady. You have to catch their act to truly appreciate it.

They were playing again at Sawdust Days yesterday, and I was so happy to find that I had enough spare cash to buy one of their CD's. And as Myke was handing over cash to buy his own, he asked Melanie Jane if they would consider autographing one, and she graciously obliged! So now we both have Autographed Copies of their CD! How awesome is that!

We also stopped at The Karaoke Tent to see what was happening there, and caught a band called The Bench Warmers. They were pretty good as well! I sure Miss Marty!!!

Then, last night, Norm stopped over to help Andy jump his car, and then invited us over for a cook out, a fire, and some late night fishing. Who could say no to that! Norm and Nikki live right on the edge of Sawyer Creek in a cute little house with a huge yard.

Norm regularly fishes off their dock, and has been getting teased by a nice sized bass on a regular basis. It pops up, sees him, and quickly swims away.

Jerry cast his pole into the creek, didn't even get his line set, and BAM! That bass was on his line! Norm helped him bring it in, and made sure to get a good picture before releasing him back into the water to taunt him further.I just LOVE that picture!!!

Today, we are going to our friend Trina's for a relaxing afternoon of swimming, good conversation and a cook out! I am really looking forward to that! Speaking of which, I need to finish making the potato salad! (I make it just like my Grandma Kappell used to. Gawd how I LOVE that stuff!).

Tomorrow will be out traditional Family Day in Omro. That is always a fun time as well.

So how did you spend your three day weekend?