Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally Friday!

I am keeping my promise to myself.
I allow myself one sinful meal each week, and today, that was at lunch. I had Fish and Chips.
The chips were much more yummy than the Cod Nuggets.
But they also had Mini Taco's in the lunch room today. I ADORE Mini Taco's!

So because I allowed myself to enjoy that fabulously high fat meal, tonight, I worked out to not one, but 2 of my DVD's. I kick ass!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Progress Report

Stepped on the scale today. Down Nine Pounds!!!! YES!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pounds of Steele

So I ordered the "Of Steele" DVD set because of all of the videos that I have tried to exercise to throughout the years, these seem to be the less dangerous of them all. Why? Because Leisa Hart is always mindful of how easy it is to pull just the wrong muscle, discouraging the would-be exerciser for life.

Of course, I am too chubby and out of shape to be able to do every single exercise they show me (and she is always saying "Be mindful of your exercise level, don't over-do it"), but what I AM able to do will be most helpful. As with any and every exercise video, I feel a bit dorky and lacking in grace trying to do a lot of the moves. I never took ballet when I was a kid, and she incorporates a lot of ballet and yoga into her routines. But the good thing is there are no sudden jerky movements that shift all of your weight onto your core or hips, and she is continually pointing out that you don't want to strain your knees, hips or joints. You always want to try to counter-balance the stress. I like that! And the bonus is that I am strengthening my lower back with all of these routines. My back has been so unpredictable these days, and I know I really need to start working those muscles more.

I know I am going to be sore tomorrow after tonight's work out (Legs of Steele). I was a little sore after last night's work out (Abs of Steele). But it was nothing that I couldn't shake off if I kept moving. I have a long way to go, but at least I have a start!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dream Pockets

I had a dream this morning.
Jim and I were in some public place, standing at a counter and I was drawing something very important. I was almost done with the drawing when someone interrupted me, crowding in to use the counter we were using, so I asked Jim to hold on to the drawing for a moment while I collected up all my drawing pencils so we could move to another area of the counter.

I then asked him for the drawing so that I could finish it, and he gave me that "Oh Crap" look and started digging in his inside coat pocket for it, and was unable to fish it out easily.

I started yelling at him" "You folded it and put it in your pocket? How could you do that!?" I was extremely angry at him and really started berating him (which is odd because I never did that in life!).

I grabbed his lapel and started digging through his inner pocket, rummaging for the drawing, and found that there was so much stuff in his pocket that it was difficult to find it. The pocket seemed to be endless and loaded full of objects.

"What the hell is all of this stuff anyway?" I asked him in anger.

"It's everything you ever asked me to hold for you."

Maybe that's why I was so bitchy towards him. My heart was also in his pocket.
Needless to say, I woke up crying. Damn it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick Thinking

The other day I walked through the house, avoiding lego bits and yelled at The Child.
"Pick up all these legos! A person can't even walk through the house without stepping on legos!"
So The Child starts collecting up all the lego bits, and when he is almost done, he yells "And by the way, a person COULD walk through the house without stepping on legos unless they were blind or something!"
My response: "Well maybe I invited some blind people over for dinner tonight!"


Sunday, February 13, 2011

POSITIVE Videos of the day

I was surfing Youtube last night and found some good ones.

I have been a fan of Paolo Nutini for a few years now, but never actually saw what he looked like. He is a CUTIE! And he's from Paisley, Scotland! Talk to me, baby! =)

Just listen to that accent!

And then I stumbled onto a Michael Buble video. I love his classic stuff, and this is a bit of a break-out tune for him. VERY sweet! (Embedding disabled, sorry!)
I Just Haven't Met You Yet

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where is that New Year Positivity?

I would be a fool to think that this new year would sneak by without any challenges.
The Child is in the Dog House once again, and fails to understand just how disappointed I am in his actions. I have continually fought for his rights and defended his actions over and over, only to have him go to school yesterday and put a kid in a headlock - which earned him yet another suspension. Nice slap in the face for Mommy. Grrrrr!

Of course this drama comes on a weekend where I am already feeling a bit fragile. Valentines Day is Monday. Valentines Day last year had to be the hardest ever. I spent an hour at the card store looking through cards and trying not to burst into tears. There were so many cards saying "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and "The future will be even better than today" and I just couldn't bring myself to burden Jim with emotion with all that he was going through. So I opted for funny instead. Although by the time I got to the humour section, my sense of humour was long gone.

I try not to dwell on such things too much. If I did, I would go crazy.

For now, I am nursing a cold, and not accomplishing much around Kuhrsville. Although I did get my shower caulked today. THAT is an accomplishment! The dishes can wait.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Conversation with my oldest son

We were at the grocery store the other night and I saw "Mom's Meatloaf" for sale and suggested we each get one and see how it is.
Well, there was NO LOVE in that meatloaf. No one from MY FAMILY made that crap! It was like a brick of unknown meat substance!

Son: So I made that meatloaf last night. Not good.
Me: Yes, it was quite disgusting!
Son: Yeah! And what's worse is that I can feel it working through to my colon. Can't even describe that feeling!
Me: It's like.... smuggling a cell phone into a prison!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I do love cats, but.....

Yes, I am back on the Diet Wagon. I figure I have allowed myself enough time with comfort food and stress eating. It is time to get back to where I ought to be. And although it is only week one, I am kicking ass! 3 pounds so far. I know I have a long way to go, since I am at my all time heaviest. I have earned every pound, though. And I will also earn every pound lost as well.

Today, I saw a lady with a sweater on and it reminded me why I wear either prints or solids.... no scenes or critters. Why? Well, the bottom of this lady's sweater was lounging cats. And although it was a cute sweater, her butt was round enough to fit eight lounging full size cat images around it. EIGHT! Not for me, people!

So wish me luck. I would like to get back to a healthy size 10 again. I have done it before, and I know that I can get there again. I am motivated. I WILL get healthy again. I just can't wait for the snow to melt so that I can start walking outside again. I need that. I will surely miss my walking partner Marty this time, but I know if I talk to him as I walk, he will be listening.

This has been a difficult week for me, emotion-wise. Just when I think I am doing well, I will see something that will make me think of Hubby, and WHAM! I am right back to where we were a year ago. I don't want to go back to that moment in time. I want to remember Hubby as a healthy, wonderful person that I loved to be around. I really hate that our journey lead us down the path it did.

I had a dream last night that it was spring, and my Dad was outside with a friend and was suddenly stung by a bee. He and his friend were discussing what the proper cure for bee stings were, and they headed for my house. Dad said "Let's ask Miss Computer Genius to look up the answer." Such an odd dream! But the wonderful thing was, bee sting aside, he looked wonderful and healthy. So if I am able to get beyond the image of my father in his last days, then hopefully in a few years I will be able to get beyond picturing Hubby in his last days as well and remember him the way I want to.

So that's what is new around Kuhrsville this week. How is your week going?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Join the Movement!

There MUST be a cure!
It is a terrible affliction that happens to all of us at least once a year. Some may even be completely unaware that they have been crippled with this affliction.
We call it Hanger Nipples. Those awful bumps that appear when that beloved sweater has spent more time on a hanger than on your body.

We must fight to end this disease. Don't wait another moment. Join forces to find a cure today. Because nothing says "Loser" more loudly than ridiculous bumps - especially on that beloved Cosby Sweater that you have kept fresh and sassy for so many years.

Please. Spread the word. Re-post this on your blog. Put it up as your facebook status.
Do everything within your power to help stamp out sweater nipples for good!

Friday, February 4, 2011


The #1 son was over for dinner last night.
We were all loading up our plates when I realized that I had forgotten to get us each a knife to cut our pork chops.

#1 son said "Yeah, it would be kinda hard to cut up pork chops with just a fork."

Me: "Well, if we could, then they'd be called Fork Chops, now wouldn't they?"