Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Join the Movement!

There MUST be a cure!
It is a terrible affliction that happens to all of us at least once a year. Some may even be completely unaware that they have been crippled with this affliction.
We call it Hanger Nipples. Those awful bumps that appear when that beloved sweater has spent more time on a hanger than on your body.

We must fight to end this disease. Don't wait another moment. Join forces to find a cure today. Because nothing says "Loser" more loudly than ridiculous bumps - especially on that beloved Cosby Sweater that you have kept fresh and sassy for so many years.

Please. Spread the word. Re-post this on your blog. Put it up as your facebook status.
Do everything within your power to help stamp out sweater nipples for good!

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