Monday, August 29, 2011

20 Questions.... or more!

So this 20 questions game on Facebook is quite fun - especially if you answer YES to all the questions! Why, just the other day, it asked if I thought my brother ought to come out of the closet! Ha ha ha!
But in looking at the answers some have given regarding me, well, some are quite incorrect!

Do you think that Brenda cried while watching the Titanic? Someone said yes. Truth be told, I have never actually sat through this excruciatingly long movie!
Do you want to poke Brenda ? Someone said no. Wah!
Do you think that Brenda has bad breath? Someone said no. Well, unless you consider coffee breath to be bad....
Would you lend Brenda $100? Someone said no. NO!?!?! Well, I don't need your stinking money anyway! LOL!
Do you think that Brenda has ever had a crush on you? Someone said no. Yeah, you're probably right about that.
Do you think Brenda secretly likes to dance in front of a mirror? Someone said no, but someone else said yes.
Sweet Baby Jesus! If I actually saw how dorkey I look dancing, I would NEVER dance!
Do you think that Brenda has a bad haircut? Some one said no. Damn skippy, Baby! I'm keeping my hair just the way it is!
Do you think that Brenda would bail you out of jail? Someone said no. Who said that? It depends on what you were arrested for, really!
Do you think that Brenda would ever do community service voluntarily? Someone said yes. Indeed I have and likely will again!
Do you think that Brenda has ever used steroids? no. What a stupid question!
Would Brenda ever dress up in a mascot outfit and run around? yes. Well, only if the head wasn't smelly.
Is Brenda smarter than Oprah? Someone said yes. Oh God! I WISH! If I were, I'd have her millions!
Do you think that Brenda swears like a sailor? Someone said yes. Fuck yeah, I do!
Do you think Brenda was a Dork in high school? Someone said no. Sure. That's cuz you were probably an even bigger dork than I was!
Do you think that Brenda is materialistic? Someone answered no. Unless it's something shiny!
Do you think that Brenda has ever skinny dipped? Someone said no. Wrong! I was once young and cute and without my suit! LOL!
Do you think that Brenda has ever gone to a strip club? Someone said yes. Was that you, Sandy? Ha ha ha!
Do you think that Brenda is cuter than Brad Pitt? Someone said no. Well, do they mean YOUNG Brad Pitt or OLD Brad Pitt?
Do you think that Brenda is a good friend? Well, someone said yes. So hopefully I'm doing something right!
Do you think that Brenda has good credit? Someone said yes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Do you think that Brenda is a good driver? Someone said yes. They've obviously never ridden with me! Ha!
Do you think that Brenda is lazy? Someone said no. I think I'll respond to that tomorrow....
Do you think that Brenda has ever pranked call someone? Well, someone knows the answer to that is HELL YES!
Do you think that Brenda has a deep dark secret? Someone said yes.Doesn't everybody?
Do you think that Brenda should do laundry more often? Someone has obviously never been in my basement!
Do you think that Brenda is a pervert? Someone said no. LOL!
Do you think that Brenda is hot? Somebody said yes. Huggles to you!
Does Brenda sing in the shower? Someone said no. You shower alone now, pal!
Do you think that Brenda has ever gone hunting? Someone said NO and someone said YES. Does Bargain Hunting count?
Do you think that Brenda is cute? Lori B said yes
Do you think that Brenda would secretly fart in public? Mara W. said YES. She's never gone shopping with me! Is she psychic
Would Brenda make a good spouse? Someone said YES. So how YOU doin'?
Do you think that Brenda has ever played strip poker? Mara W. said no. Oh, Mara! I've played all kinds of poker in my life
Do you think that Brenda knows what a fist pound is? Bob K. said no. Bob, Bob! I'm one hip mamma!
Do you think that Brenda would turn you in to the FBI if they asked? Alex M said yes. Alex, WHAT are you DOING?
Do you think that Brenda is a freak? Someone said no. In the words of Rick James..... I'm a Superfreak! Superfreak! I'm super Freakeh!
Do you think that Brenda would go bungee jumping? Karen B. said yes. Hang Gliding, YES! Bungee Jumping? No.
Do you think that Brenda likes chick flicks? If John Cusack is in them, I'm there!
And last but not least....Do you think that Brenda is a virgin? Someone said yes. Well, if it grows back......

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, THAT is crossed off my list!

We finished up on the school shopping this morning.

I know I'm not alone in cutting corners this year. Many moms that I have talked to are doing the same. Our kids don't use up half the stuff on those lists. At the end of school last year, I threw everything the child brought home into a box. Most of it still brand new, and on this years list. So That old stuff went into his backpack and was crossed off the list. And STILL it cost us $60 to buy all the remaining crap! AMAZING! They think we're made of money or something! We are in a recession, people!

And I asked The Child to try on his Gym Shoes from last year. He said it didn't matter if they fit or not because he never wears them anyway. So WHY spend an additional $30? I just got his a good pair of street shoes for the year. He's fine with that. I have the coolest kid on earth!

And the money we saved, allowed us to spend $8 on Lego for him! Score!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bad Timing

I picked a bad time to go off my meds.
I've worked with Candy for 4 years now, and we've become good friends. On Tuesday, she announced that she is going to be a stay at home mom. With so many changes going on at work, this shouldn't be such a surprise. She has been hinting at it for some time. But it's gonna suck! Well, not for her. For us. It's depressing!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let it Rain

I've been weening myself off of my Anti-anxiety meds... against doctor's wishes..... and it got to a point where the dose was so low, it didn't matter, so last Sunday, I stopped taking them altogether. So I've been feeling the effects of withdrawal, and I am also FEELING EVERYTHING! This is a double-edged sword. I had thought "Life is slowing down right now, and Drama is at it's minimum right now, so I'm just gonna jump in and quit the meds."

Yeah. And then one of my favorite patients passes away on Thursday, and I turn into a weeping mess! And today, I'm cleaning the house because I have a babysitter coming. And I know that last weekend, I was digging through some boxes and I asked myself "Why am I keeping this stuff? I need to PURGE!" Sure. Then I start purging today, and I run into Jim's discharge papers from St Lukes, and I'm a complete WRECK! Damn it! Running across this stuff brings me right back to that very day and how I felt with all of my fears and pain. St Luke's was the eye of the storm for me. When everything came to a head and started spinning faster and faster. It was like being trapped inside the worst horror story ever without the opportunity to write a different ending.

So I had an hour long cry this morning. I stood there hugging Jim's sweaters and crying so hard I was trembling. God I miss him!!!! And you know what? I'm not ready to throw out his things, no matter how ratty and musty they're getting.

And then on the other side of the coin, I'm thinking "How the hell are we supposed to move out of this crappy old house if I can't throw this stuff away?" Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Darling Jerry has been such a love this week. I came home Thursday and told him I was sad because I lost a wonderful patient. And he said "You can sit on the couch and hug me while you cry if you want, Mom. You're not alone." What a doll he is!!!! I couldn't ask for a more precious son to raise!

My Bro-in-law's band is playing in Eureka tonight. He is also celebrating his 40th birthday tonight (Monday is his Birthday). I'll be surrounded by loved ones, and it's sure to be a fun night. No Drama. No issues. Just good music and good people!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Second Annual

They say all things happen for a reason. I guess the Copperleaf lost my reservations for a reason. The reason being that we needed to see the difference between The Copperleaf and The Paper Valley for ourselves. HUGE difference!

The Copperleaf wins hands down for personality, comfort and customer service. The Paper Valley is so impersonal, and their walls are so thin, I thought I would go mad from all the maid carts rolling around in the halls!

Things The Paper Valley offers that I really liked were the free internet kiosks in the lobby, and their bathroom layout is much nicer with more towels and their fridge is bigger.

The Copperleaf wins in every other category. Better maintained elevators, much cleaner hotel, more curteous and attentive staff, semi-private spa-pool, a livingroom with a pull-out couch/bed that is adjoining the bedroom. Free breakfast (we paid $18 for a Paper Valley brunch that left me with food poisoning!), Free Gourmet Coffee, more comfortable beds, and more water pressure in the shower (very important to me!).

Next year, I am going to make reservations 3 months in advance, and I am going to call them every other week to be sure they have kept that reservation!

As for entertainment, we started out at Good Company for dinner Friday night, which is always yummy. Although Bonnie had an "Episode" there that still concerns me. I think the gal really needed this down time!

Barb and I walked down College Ave for a bit while we let Bonnie get a good nap in. We found a place called Mill Creek that boasted "5 Decades of Music Videos". We were the only ones there, and the bar tender makes a very good drink. She told us to come back when it is more crowded and louder. We assured her that we would!

Then, we went and joined our Aunt Shirley at BJ Clancy's for Karaoke. I was dubious at first. There was an awful lot of country music fans and elderly folks mixed in with a few younger folks. They twisted my arm and got me up to sing a few songs, which was fun.

Bonnie and I were joking about how we would be sharing a bed like we did as children, when a nice looking guy in his mid 30's got up and sang "I'll Be". I asked Bonnie if he could come back to our room and sing that to me all night. And then I said "Hey! We could make a Sister Sandwich!" which lead to many many more sandwich jokes throughout the weekend.

Bonnie and I drank a shot of Bailey's in honour of our Mommy. 25 years have passed, and she is still in our hearts and in our minds.

After we left Karaoke, we walked back down to Mill Creek. Holy CRAP! What a transformation! The place was just THUMPING! Everybody was dancing and singing at the top of their lungs and having a great time! We joined right in and had a blast!

We were back to our room by 1AM, and in the hot tub by 1:30. Only trouble with that was that the hot tub was VERY hot, which heated up my own core temp, and brought on a night long hot flash, so I didn't sleep very well.

On Saturday, after breakfast at Perkins (We couldn't get it together in time to do the free breakfast down stairs by 10AM) Bonnie had to head back to Oshkosh for the afternoon to handle an obligation regarding son Jeremy.

We booked a suite at the Paper Valley since The Copperleaf didn't have and rooms available for Saturday. The main problem with that was we had to wait 3 hours for check-in time. Barb and I wandered up and down College Avenue, enjoying The Farmer's Market, and exploring the stores and museums. It would have been more fun if we weren't both dying for a nap!!!

We checked in to The Paper Valley and tried to take a nap, but there was so darned much noise going on, I only got about 15 minutes.

Bonnie returned at about 4:30, and we brought all of our belongings up stairs to our room. She needed to unwind a bit, and then we went to KFC for dinner. I know many of my readers are saying "Really? KFC?" Well, we don't have a KFC in Oshkosh, so this was a real treat for us!

From there, we went to Walmart for yummys. By the time we came out, the sky was angry and dark. We got to the Paper Valley Parking structure just in time before it started pouring. The perfect atmosphere to try to take a REAL nap! So we all crashed out for an hour as it rained cats and dogs.

By the time we were ready to hit the pubs, the rain was ending. We started off at the Durty Leprechaun for a few drinks, and Bonnie's daughter had decided to meet up with us as well for a bit.

Well, who could resist? We had to go back to Mill Creek to see if they were doing anything different. And on the way there, we were saying "I'm surprised they didn't play any Michael Jackson last night." Just as we got our drinks, a Michael Jackson video came on and the crowd went insane with approval! That was followed by Prince. Mister VeeJay really knows what this old lady wants to hear!

We turned in a little early on Saturday, and went back to our room to play Catch Phrase while unwinding with wine coolers. To our shock, there was a knock on the door, and it was The Consierge asking us to quiet down! REALLY?

This morning, I ran down to the Starbucks for coffee and tea for all of us, and after we all showered, we went down for the brunch. My guts are still rolling!

We were home by noon today. Oh it feels so good to be home! I missed my boys. I missed my kitties. I missed my BED!!!

I almost wish I had taken tomorrow off work just so I can recoup! I am one tired lady! But it was worth every minute!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Today marks the 25th Anniversary of my mother's passing. It's hard to believe it's been that long. I can still picture her sitting at the kitchen table playing 500 rummy with me. Although, sadly, I can't quite conjure up her voice in my memory.

Last year, my sisters and I had gone on what we call a "Sisters Weekend". And this weekend will be our second annual "Sisters Weekend". It's been an emotional roller-coaster trying to organize this. After all, one doesn't just show up at The Copperleaf. They lost my reservations that I had made a month ago. My oldest son tried to back out of his agreement to watch my younger child. Well, I absolutely blew up at that one. Some might think I over-reacted, but I don't think so. I don't ask a whole lot of friends and family. And when I do, it's important stuff. And after all that I have done for #1 son, when I ask for a favor in return, he'd best play the part of my Wise Guy!

I'm still not done packing. I just can't decide what I'm wearing!
And I absolutely MUST change the cat litter before I leave. Yuck!

Have a great weekend, everyone!