Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, THAT is crossed off my list!

We finished up on the school shopping this morning.

I know I'm not alone in cutting corners this year. Many moms that I have talked to are doing the same. Our kids don't use up half the stuff on those lists. At the end of school last year, I threw everything the child brought home into a box. Most of it still brand new, and on this years list. So That old stuff went into his backpack and was crossed off the list. And STILL it cost us $60 to buy all the remaining crap! AMAZING! They think we're made of money or something! We are in a recession, people!

And I asked The Child to try on his Gym Shoes from last year. He said it didn't matter if they fit or not because he never wears them anyway. So WHY spend an additional $30? I just got his a good pair of street shoes for the year. He's fine with that. I have the coolest kid on earth!

And the money we saved, allowed us to spend $8 on Lego for him! Score!

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