Friday, October 28, 2011


Every now and again I look on the Coldwell Banker web site and take home tours of new listings.
Of course, I don't look at the $150,000 listings. That would just be a waste of my time.

But last night, I actually found one that motivated me enough to fill out the pre-approval application through my Credit Union just to see what they had to say.

Well, I am guessing I ought to be saving a lot more money and wait patiently, because in doing my research, I not only need a 5% down payment, but also $2000 in closing costs, $2000 to pre-pay taxes, and of course, enough to hire Two Men and a Dumpster!

So, I'll be adding to my Christmas Club as often as possible, and continually rolling that over so that I can build up savings without the temptation to touch it.

I have also found that I am completely off the radar. I have a credit score of Zero. I don't buy anything unless I can pay cash. I don't have a car payment. Paid cash for my appliances.... So I need to start obtaining documentation that I pay my bills on time.

Crazy thing is, there is nothing that I need or want to purchase right now that would help me build a credit score. Nothing. I'm simple folk. I don't want for much.

But it would be nice to buy my own home while Jerry is still young enough to have the luxury of having a home of our own to grow up in.

The thought of a 30 year loan is a bit frightening as well. Kripes! I'll be almost 80 by the time it's paid off - if I live that long!

The Realtor was a real snot about it though! I wanted to look at a house that is assessed at $105,000 but is selling as a HUD house for $25,000. IDEAL!!!!!! It had gorgeous built-in features, but the kitchen and bathroom look like they need to be completely gutted and re-done. That doesn't scare me if it is my own home (No way in hell I am doing that here in THIS house, cuz although it does need to be done, it's NOT MY HOUSE!!!). But I asked the Realtor if I could see the place today and she said "All bids have to be in by midnight tonight. Are you prepared to make a bid on this place? Because if not, I don't have time to show it to you." NICE!!!! And then after being such a bitch, because I contacted her via E-mail, now I'm getting E-mails from her about other listings that are way out of my price range. Lovely!

But, even though this whole ordeal leaves me feeling a bit disappointed, it DOES motivate me to purge stuff around here. I'm not taking it all with me when I go! 5 bags and counting! Now THAT is motivation!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I have learned that life throws you enough things to deal with. There is no need to pretend that life has thrown you a new very complicated situation to deal with. In most cases, said Drama is something that could be completely avoided if you simply do not allow others to treat you with disrespect, dumping their garbage onto you.

I get so tired of reading or hearing about people crying over problems that have such obvious solutions. Some people you just can't change. Some people you just can't fix. No matter how intertwined their lives may seem to be with yours, you DO have the option to say "I'm done. You are too mentally ill to be in my life. I already have too much to handle without your drama. When you grow up in about 10 years, give me a call."

And people who blame all of their problems on someone else - now THAT REALLY bugs the crap out of me. It makes that person appear helpless and stupid and it angers me because I KNOW that person CAN'T be that helpless and stupid! So why play the part of the victim?

I am often surrounded by people who just can't seem to get on the right road in life. I love them, but I am finding more and more that I just need to put some distance between myself and them for the sake of my own sanity. I don't need the drama, and I know they wouldn't take my advice any way. So why bother?

Life is too short to deal with all of these fools. I want to enjoy the time I have on earth. I want to share good times with my loved ones. I want to move forward and be happy. Why can't everybody share that common goal?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Facebook is more like it.....

I'm growing very tired of this Occupy Wall Street stuff.
Although there is some merit to the things people are protesting, I feel they are protesting the wrong branch. They ought to be protesting congress. Protesting the Presidential Cabinet. Protesting Local Government for mishandling funds and making it more difficult for the little man to survive.

HOWEVER.... most of the people I see protesting on facebook can't even articulate what it is that has them so angry. They want everybody to jump on their Happy Bus, but they can't give me any real reasons to do so! If you can't explain it, then you're just a sheep in my opinion. And instead of debating me, they just get angry and say I'm part of the problem. No, I am not part of the problem. I have a skilled job and I am able to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads and still have a little left over to put into savings.

And I think most of them are really just angry at themselves because they have spent the last 10 years just coasting instead of actually preparing for a future. And now that the enconomy has tightened its belt, their free ride is over, and they are terrified. They don't want to own up to their own laziness, so they are pointing fingers at Wall Street.

I say this without fear of criticism because I am able to defend my stance. I started with nothing. Hell, I started with LESS than Nothing! I was a single mother at age 20 with zero skills and a high school diploma. I knew I had to figure out how to survive in this world, so I got busy. I gained skills, I got an education, and I looked for jobs that I would enjoy and surrounded myself with wonderful people throughout all of my working life. I never let anyone tell me I couldn't learn how to do something. And if they did, I proved them wrong!

Somehow I was raised to have a Can-Do attitude that has lead me in many exciting directions. I have been the Lead Singer in a Band, a Waitress, A Secretary, A Store Manager, An Artist, A Machine Repair Representative, a Salesperson, A Receptionist, A Motivational Speaker, An Events Planner, a Care Giver, A Furniture Re-finisher, A Jewelry Maker, A Quilter, A Custom Picture Framer, A Tiler, A Decorator, a Computer Specialist, a Resume Critic.... the list goes on and on. I love that I am so packed with diversity and am able to apply all of those skills to whatever I do and impress any employer I have ever had. And it all starts with attitude. Not once did I give up. I keep moving forward. And I am STILL moving forward. I am on the look-out for the prefect job. When I find it, I will jump into yet another challenging career. And, no, I don't expect to get rich. I still haven't found that Holy Shit Idea just yet.... but I am on the verge of finding it.

I can debate you because I have always been the bread winner in my family. I didn't wait for a man to come save me. I married for love because I knew I had what it takes to survive without a rich man supporting me. And we endured many pit-falls along the way as well as family crises, and we kept on going. And now that I'm a widow, I STILL keep going. I haven't given up. I still have a life to live and a child to support both financially and emotionally, and I want him to be a survivor as well. Like a Phoenyx, we will always rise up through the ashes because we have a lot of fight inside of us and no one is going to keep us down. We don't need to surround ourselves with a bunch of protestors to do so. We don't have to do it loudly or in a flashy manner. That's not God's plan any way.

So if you don't like the way your life is right now, change your attitude. Be grateful for what you have, and if you want something, take steps to aim toward it and don't give up!

If you want to cry about how crappy your life is, you will always find some loser who will listen and sob right beside you. But if you want someone to cheer as you get up off your lazy ass and make something out of yourself, then I'm there!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yes, He is definitely my son!

I'm on the bus this morning going to work. There is a regular passenger who has quite a speech impediment. Today, she had a very elderly gentleman with her and they were holding a conversation that nobody else on the bus could understand. But the elderly fella was so animated in his conversation that I couldn't help but think of Christopher Walken.

I sent my #1 son a text saying : "Hey! I think Christopher Walken's Father is on the bus with me! I can't stop laughing as I listen to him talk!"

#1 son sent me a response later in the day: "Did he walk like he had a Gold Watch up his butt?"

I couldn't stop laughing! I love you, Andy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Sweetest Day Sentiment

For those of you sitting home alone feeling sorry for yourselves, here is an E-card that pretty much sums it up....
Not that I am actually doing that. Hell, I'm sassy enough these days!

But I am in the process of coming up with my own collection of sassy Refrigerator Magnets that I plan to print up and start selling one of these days. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

And if it takes off, I may just start selling them on Etsy or Zazzle as well! Magnets are easy to mail and cost next to nothing to ship! It's a win-win for everyone!