Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pounds of Steele

So I ordered the "Of Steele" DVD set because of all of the videos that I have tried to exercise to throughout the years, these seem to be the less dangerous of them all. Why? Because Leisa Hart is always mindful of how easy it is to pull just the wrong muscle, discouraging the would-be exerciser for life.

Of course, I am too chubby and out of shape to be able to do every single exercise they show me (and she is always saying "Be mindful of your exercise level, don't over-do it"), but what I AM able to do will be most helpful. As with any and every exercise video, I feel a bit dorky and lacking in grace trying to do a lot of the moves. I never took ballet when I was a kid, and she incorporates a lot of ballet and yoga into her routines. But the good thing is there are no sudden jerky movements that shift all of your weight onto your core or hips, and she is continually pointing out that you don't want to strain your knees, hips or joints. You always want to try to counter-balance the stress. I like that! And the bonus is that I am strengthening my lower back with all of these routines. My back has been so unpredictable these days, and I know I really need to start working those muscles more.

I know I am going to be sore tomorrow after tonight's work out (Legs of Steele). I was a little sore after last night's work out (Abs of Steele). But it was nothing that I couldn't shake off if I kept moving. I have a long way to go, but at least I have a start!

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