Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where is that New Year Positivity?

I would be a fool to think that this new year would sneak by without any challenges.
The Child is in the Dog House once again, and fails to understand just how disappointed I am in his actions. I have continually fought for his rights and defended his actions over and over, only to have him go to school yesterday and put a kid in a headlock - which earned him yet another suspension. Nice slap in the face for Mommy. Grrrrr!

Of course this drama comes on a weekend where I am already feeling a bit fragile. Valentines Day is Monday. Valentines Day last year had to be the hardest ever. I spent an hour at the card store looking through cards and trying not to burst into tears. There were so many cards saying "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and "The future will be even better than today" and I just couldn't bring myself to burden Jim with emotion with all that he was going through. So I opted for funny instead. Although by the time I got to the humour section, my sense of humour was long gone.

I try not to dwell on such things too much. If I did, I would go crazy.

For now, I am nursing a cold, and not accomplishing much around Kuhrsville. Although I did get my shower caulked today. THAT is an accomplishment! The dishes can wait.

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