Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tales of Yore

Gather round, Kids! I'm gonna tell you a story of yesteryear!
Back when I was young, Jukeboxes were really big and flashy, and were the focal point of most taverns. You could put in a quarter and get three songs! This, of course was a dilemma for us, since I have three siblings, so two of us had to agree on one song instead of all of us getting to pick out our own favorite.

But you got a whole THREE songs for a quarter!

If you went to the local K-Mart to buy a 45 record, it would cost you 75 cents to a dollar to purchase that record. And if you wanted to buy the album, it cost about 5 dollars.

Now, when you play the Jukebox, a computerized little box that is mounted on the wall that is touch sensitive, it costs you a dollar per song. The same amount as if you went to ITunes and purchased that song for your own collection. What the heck? I am merely playing the song, not buying it for a life time. How do they achieve this pricing structure?

I suppose it makes up for internet theft. But I feel dirty paying that much just to hear a song! Especially when the machine decides to play a different song instead of the one I selected!

I guess I wasn't meant to hang out in pubs.

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