Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a quick giggle

So, Mr and Mrs Doogster came to dinner last night.
We had a lovely fish fry thanks to Hubby's fabulous cooking skills.
The Doogsters brought Potato Salad and Cole Slaw.

The Doogster said he got into a confrontation with the gal at the grocery deli.
Her sign beside the Cole Slaw said "Better then Grandmas".
The Doogster told her "I think it is supposed to say 'Better THAN Grandma's'."

At that point, I burst into laughter and told him
"I've never tasted Grandma."

Okay, so I am really one sick individual.


Shayla said...

The deli I worked at in Oshkosh had tons of errors like that. I pointed them out constantly, but sadly, not much was ever done. My favourite was a tag we had for a beef barley soup. It said "beef barely". I thought about fixing it myself, but decided it was just too funny.

Aunt Bren said...

LOL! How did you guess it was that very same deli!