Monday, May 4, 2009

Then I get to try and put it back together....

Well, The Child was an absolute Soldier at the dentist the other day!
Because he has a heart murmer (I.E.: a hole the size of a pinhead between the left and right ventricals) the dentist was most concerned with removing any potential infection... and his molar was indeed impacted with he had to pull the tooth because if the infection continued, there is always a chance that the infection could travel directly to his heart.

Lucky me, I got elected to be the hand holder throughout this adventure. But The Child was amazing. He only cried twice, and rightly so. I warned the dentist that when I have had a tooth pulled, my dentist needs to give me a ton of injections so that I can't feel it. So it is only common sense that The Child would likely have the same issue. It wasn't any less painful for me watching the dentist work on my baby!

Then, on Saturday, it was off to the vet to collect our Evil Kitten. She is doing wonderfully! And it is a completely crazy notion, but, now that she is fixed, she is fascinated with wanting to go outside. But we just keep telling her she can't go outside right now because she is having a bad hair day! She just needs to heal for now.

And Hubby... oh, yes, the train keeps rolling. Hubby ended up at the ER this weekend after his lab results were in. His Hemalitic Anemia is back. Which means he will be on prednesone for at least the next 3 months while it re-sets his immune system. But he went from looking as yellow as Homer Simpson all weekend to finally getting a little colour back in his cheeks this morning, so we know it is doing its job. However, with the prednesone, he'll be having more mood swings then menopausal little me. Yay.

But we'll get through it. At least he didn't end up in the hospital this time. So we're ahead of the game.

On the up side, I am oh so grateful to have that table in the garage to sneak away to and work on. It is like sanctuary amidst the madness. But now, I just need to find the right saw for to trim the legs down on it. After all, it will be a cocktail table in the livingroom. I can't wait to get to the mosaic portion of the task. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be at that stage.

So here's to a week where life can only get better!



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