Sunday, March 7, 2010

Youtube Hurts

One of the greatest Internet Innovations ever is Youtube.
I couldn't even count the many hours I've logged combing through videos of various subjects. It has always been fun to start with one video and then see what other offerings are listed on the same subject (by the same artist, by other artists, whatever).

But now they've "Improved" Youtube.
That is, if you consider slower-to-load videos an improvement.
If you consider having to watch a fucking Volvo Commercial before you get to watch the video that you chose to watch an improvement, go to it, cowboy!
If you like selecting one song and then being bombarded with continuous play of that very same song title repeatedly, then you might think Youtube has taken a step in the right direction.
If selecting a playlist that promises to show you over 45 songs by your favourite recording artist and finding that the link is broken is something that you look forward to, then Youtube has a real treat for you now.

Youtube was great the way it was. Why did they have to mess with it?
How could they possibly sit around a meeting table and all agree that all of the above features would be positive? What a bunch of shit!

I think I'm gonna start visiting the less popular video sites instead and simply say goodbye to Youtube. (What sucks if that right here I would normally post the video of Patti Smyth singing "Good Bye to You" but I don't want to torture anybody with a Volvo commercial!).

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