Saturday, September 27, 2008

Okay, So I Lied

I've become a bit obsessed lately with Blogs.
It started with me finding Home Improvement Blogs and Home Renovation Blogs. Then I started clicking on their links to see what blogs bloggers like to read.
I somehow stumbled onto The Blogess - and I SO want to MEET this gal! Too bad she's way down in Texas because I can totally see the two of us getting into all sorts of Thelma and Louiseish mayhem. Okay, more like LaVerne and Shirleyish Mayhem. The great thing is that she is a warped individual with the ability to articulate that warpedness into writing for all the world to read and appreciate. Yup! She is awesome!

And I've been thinking "Well, I do have a Blog Spot. I COULD start using it." But then, what would I talk about? Do I share with the world my frustrations in trying to keep my house clean? Because it's a daily battle for sure. I clean a spot, and 10 minutes later, some other family member feels they need to clutter it up.

Do I share our financial battle with the world? Um. No. That could get ugly.

Do I share our latest home improvement projects with the world? Sure! Why not? They're small scale compared to many of those out there, but we're making progress.

Do I share the trials and tribulations of my work days? Nah, it's best not to do that. I hear that employers now do searches and can use that against a person. However, at the moment, I must say that work is quite rewarding. I even received a STAR this week - which is quite an accomplishment. I feel good that I was recognised for the work I do above and beyond the standard job description. Now, I need to find that in my fellow coworkers and nominate them as well so that there is no contention amongst the troops!

The thing is, I don't want some average blog that gets ho hum reviews. I want a blog that people will want to read. One that will make them tune in each week just to see what I have to say.
But has it all been said before? Who knows! Probably!

Any way, I'm gonna try. If only to keep up my excellent writing skills. Look Out World, cuz Aunt Bren is going public! Muwaaaahaaaahaaaaa!

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