Saturday, September 27, 2008

Planning Ahead

So my sister called me last week all in a panic.
She's already worrying about Family Christmas.
"Should we rent a Hall? Where would we rent one if we do that?"

I calmly told her that I was under the impression that Family Christmas would be held at our house this year. And she pauses and says "Really". Not "REALLY?" as in "Oh my goodness! You'd actually take on this responsibility so we don't have to worry?" Or "REALLY" as in "Oh that is such a load off my mind! I was hoping you'd say that!"

It was more like "Really? But your house is such a mess!" But of course she didn't come out and say that. She would never say that. I know my House will never be as clean as hers is. Hell, it's not even ever as clean as I want it! But the point is, we have the space (kind of) and it will actually be so much easier to have everybody here rather than load up the van and head off somewhere else.

And, of course, this will allow Hubby the opportunity to cook for the masses. He loves doing that.
As long as everybody doesn't show up with a crock pot to plug in, we'll do just fine. Our Electrics in this house are a bit iffy. And... we can have Glorious EGGNOG!!!!!! Be still my heart!

Can we fit 20+ family members into our small abode?

Last year we held our First Annual Thanksmas Party at our house. We managed to fit 13 people in here comfortably, and we all had a great time! So what's 22 people? And not one our Thanksmas Guests said "My GAWD! This place is a MESS!" Right now, this house is 10 times cleaner than it was that night. And let me tell you, I did a bit of crisis cleaning the week before that party.

Since then, we've stripped and refinished our living room floor - which lead to painting the ceiling, and woodwork, and lead to having to wash all the walls, and remove all art work and scrub them all down before re-hanging.

And our dining room has also undergone total renovation. It's not perfect, but it looks good enough to make me really happy when I enter this room.

The only room that is in total chaos is our kitchen. But the world will have to forgive us for not sinking a lot of money into that room right now. We're too busy bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

But speaking of Thanksmas, we WILL be holding yet another one this year. The date is still pending. It turns out the folks I work with are thinking of planning a Christmas Party either the first or second weekend of December. So I guess the date that DOESN'T fall on, will be our Second Annual Thanksmas Party.

As for Family Christmas, we're thinking the 27th of December. Hopefully by then, I'll have come up with some solutions to my awful kitchen and my darling sister won't run screaming in terror. We'll get through it. Isn't that what Lorazepam is made for? Mmmm. Lorazepam! Shiny!

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Amy said...

Ok...I typed this comment once already, but apparently I get to type it again after I sign up for an account.....

In your defense, I love your house! Something about it makes me feel safe and happy. Maybe it's because I care more about the people IN the house than if there are toys on the floor. Thanksmas was AWESOME and I'm really looking forward to our second one! :)