Saturday, February 14, 2009

Me So Sexay

Oh yeah. It's Valentine's Day today.
I have a Mother of a Cold. Yesterday I took acetaminophen at 7, Dayquil at 8, Dayquil at 10, Dristan at 12, and reached the point to where if I took any more cold meds I'd probably have a stroke, and still my nose would not stop running! Ugh! So I came home from work and went straight to bed and slept for 14 hours. But, alas, new day, same nose.

The good thing is that I take Vitamin D3. So this will only last 3 days.
The bad thing is, it's Valentine's Day and I'm disgusting!
My Darling Hubby had roses sent to me at work yesterday. And the day before, he bought me a box of ShamWOWs! (Which by the way are quite fun!).
Poor Sweetie. He's so good to me, and I'm a disgusting mess.

A well. Hubby was also quick to point out that since I'm on a diet, he couldn't really take me out to dinner any way. Which brings up another point. I've been making progress on my weight loss, and there is only 2 weeks left to this competition. And now, I'm sick. My body is going to go into shut-down mode to protect me while I'm sick. And then I'll be uber-hungry when I'm better. Not fair! I want to win that money! $160 for doing something I would have been doing any way is pretty darned awesome!

But I think I owe this cold to two things. One, I bought a new coat last week. And although I love it, there is no hood on it. And I'm yet to dig out my fuzzy Russian Hat because it is in the closet next to Jim's desk, and it's a total challenge to get into that closet with so much computer stuff all around. The other thing I owe this cold to is that I had an exceptionally challenging week at work. My computer has been doing things for me that no one else ever has issues with. And the "Help Team" is just blowing smoke up my ass trying to say it's user error. Bullshit. And one of my co-workers is totally working on my last nerve lately. I don't even think she realizes just how annoying she has been. She just has this "Me me me me Attitude" lately and we just can't have that in the environment we work in. But on the up side, Robin and I totally made a patient's day on Thursday. The lady came in and I said Good Morning to her. She said "Well, I don't know what's so good about this morning" and then she said she could smell my coffee and it smelled really good after having to fast for her lab appointment. So I gave her a coupon for a free coffee in our cafe (I save these as I get them just for my patients) and she said "Oh, no, I couldn't possibly" and then Robin offered to run down and get it for her. She perked up even brighter at that. By the time she got done with her doctor appointment, her free, hot fresh coffee was waiting for her. She needed that extra love.

So how the hell can I be sick? When we help people, our brains release endorphens which build our immunity to getting sick. When we witness someone else helping people our brain releases endorphens as well. I work in a very caring environment. I rarely do get sick, even when surrounded by sick people all day. I guess I ought to just count my lucky stars. After all, it will only last 3 days. I'll get through it.

In the mean time, Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

I'll leave you with a shirt I got for Hubby:

Oh, and Shayla, there's a shirt at Zazzle for you too!:

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