Monday, September 28, 2009

Dang! I think Elvis Left the Building!

I probably have more blogs bookmarked than a normal person ought to. But I never did claim to be normal.
The sad thing is, our internet went out at about the time MJ died. I was left with only a few resources to follow that entertaining tale - limited access to the internet at work, and watching Celebrity News shows on television. My poor brain!!!

But now that we're back up and running, I'm surfing all of my favourite blogs, and have found that many of the features that made me love such blogs have been changed by the hosts. The fun part about visiting It's Lovely, I'll Take It was actually looking at the listings she found the humorous photos from. Now, she no longer provides a link! Why bother?

And it looks like Anna over at Door 16 is taking a break from major home reno chores and has instead chosen to accent the things she has already completed. Wah!

And YouTube removed my Most Favourite Andy Gibb video! (Don't laugh! He was DREAMY! LOL!)

At least The Superficial hasn't let me down. He's still filling his blog with wisdom and grit. Good man! He urged a good guffaw out of me when he mentioned that Kate of John and Kate Makes Eight is now sporting the Divorced Woman's Reverse FeMullet! Aptly put! That is one hairdo you will never see on my head!

I did a lot of beading while the net was down. And I'm still beading whilst catching up on television shows that I'm missing due to Hubby being home mending. Trust me. It's easier. Oh so much easier. Not the beading, the watching shows on the net part. The beading comes in play because I just can't sit and veg while watching a TV show. I have to keep busy. Or maybe I just need a refill on my Lorazepam. Yeah. That.

Meanwhile, my house plants had been worried that I'm going to re-pot them all out of boredom. I have a veritible jungle started. When I water on Saturdays, I go through 3 gallons of water on them because there is somewhere around 15 plants vying for my affection. And now that we have the net back, I can actually try to identify my latest horticultural acquisition. It had lots of flowers when I got it. Now, it's going dormant, whispering "put me in a bigger pot!" And I'm always starting clippings just because it's fun to do so. Anyone need a Pothos? I have some ready to plant.

I guess it's time to visit the hardware store next weekend for more dirt and bigger pots. And maybe now that the growing season is ending, I'll bet I'll see prices fall a bit.

In retrospect, I guess going without the net has helped me to become less obsessed with it. It's still fun. Don't get me wrong. And I could still spend hours on YouTube. But it's not so feverent.

I read today that kids who put in too many hours playing video games are more likely to become more susceptible to addictions in adulthood. I suppose I ought to stop mixing The Child Jim Beam and Cokes while he's building stuff on Roblox! (Joking!!!! I would NEVER waste my Beam on someone who wouldn't appreciate it!)

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