Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leather Dreams

I've become a very big fan of Chesterfield Sofas in the past few years.
Now and again I log on to their web site and just browse and dream....

For example, the Chesterfield Mustang (above) is so amazingly Deco and yet it screams modern at the same time. But I think what makes it so alluring is the fact that this company really understands traditional upholstery techniques and is able to look forward in style and purpose.


And the Phillip Stanhope Design (above) - Classic yet extraordinarily gorgeous! Just look at the quality of that leather! You find that at a furniture store in my neighbourhood!

The RW Emmerson Collection - VERY Classic Chesterfield. Check out those sexy feet.
Any Chesterfield builder or re-upholsterer can tell you that the feet are just as improtant a feature as the sofa itself.

The Samual Johnson is classic with a modern twist. What's not to love? Makes me want to fetch a good book and just lounge away!

This Stamford Model makes me drool as well.

And last but not least... who could refuse the opportunity to sit in THIS!

It's not just a Sofa Company. It is a style built on tradition that will never ever go out of style.

So how did I stumble upon Chesterfield Sofas? Well, I went through a phase in my life when we had a very ugly sofa and I wanted to try re-upholstering it. Where does one begin to learn about upholstery? Why the interweb of course. Naturally, I learned that the couch I was attempting to cover should really have been chucked to the curb. The rule is if you remove fabric and batting and you find cardboard anywhere in the original insides, it was a cheap factory model to start with. But then I stumbled onto a now defunct web site called oldsofas from the UK where this company not only sold the supplies I needed to attempt covering my old couch, but they also had a groovy little business where they revived only mistreated Chesterfield Furniture. Why Chesterfields? Because they are so finely built. It was amazing to see the before during and after photos that Ruth would post of her latest projects. Some looked completely rotted and hopeless until she poured her love into them. I was so sad two years ago when they made their final web post saying that Ruth was hanging up her tack hammer for good. She was my hero!

Some day I hope to own one. When the child has grown and no longer spills. Unfortunately, this may also mean that Hubby would have to be granted his wish of having a recliner as well. It'll look like the set of Frasier. Sigh.

P.S. My first attempt at upholstery was a bust and ended up on the curb months later. But one has to start somewhere!

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