Friday, January 14, 2011

Climbing that hill....

These past 9 and a half months have been quite a journey for both me and The Child. We have both had our ups and downs, and although the downs have been fewer, that does not by any means make them less severe.

I have seen dramatic improvement in The Child's attitude as we move forward. He has gotten away with a lot in these past few years because Hubby and I were so busy dealing with so many other things that we somehow only managed his behavior instead of grabbing it by the ears and examining it. I have been doing a lot of examining in these past six months and slowly setting an action plan into place. I have been putting more ownership of his behavior and his disciplines onto him so that he can be more independent. More chores, more social interaction, more discussion of how we are dealing with the things life throws at us. And I think it is helping him grow a lot. He needs to take responsibility for his actions.

We are to the point now where I need to keep an even more watchful eye on him and closely monitor his behavior at school. I have an action plan, and I believe he will do well with it.
We're making progress. To me, that makes all the difference in the world. We take our successes as they come. Small triumphs are still triumphs.

SO at this point, I don't have to quit my job and home school The Child. It is certainly a possibility in the future. But hopefully, if we stay on track, things will not need to go in that direction. Which is good, because I love my co-workers and my patients, and I need that successful feeling of making a difference in my patients lives. It helps to define who I am.

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