Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was cleaning the kitchen this morning and came across the Squirrel-Skin Cap that Jim had bought for Jerry years ago at Dirk's Diner. Jerry wore it maybe twice and then tossed it aside. As with most things, it's more about talking his parents into buying it than it is actually having it.

I was cleaning days later and found that Squirrel Skin Cap under the couch and looked for a simple place to set it until I was done sweeping. It ended up on Beethoven's head for the entire winter. Since then, it has become a tradition in our house that Beethoven wear his Squirrel Skin Cap until spring comes along. Then he just wears his Party Leigh.

I can't believe I had forgotten to put his hat on this winter! But that has now been rectified and Karma is now restored.

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