Monday, March 19, 2012

Anylize This....

I had a dream last night that Jim had misplaced his cell phone and I could hear it beeping, alerting that the battery was about to die if it wasn't charged soon.

I was overturning furniture and frantically pulling off cushions trying to find it, listening for the beep to help me hone in on exactly where it was, and I was yelling at Jim for just sitting there and not helping me to find the darned thing. He just sat there in a chair looking confused.

It was tucked way deep in a chair, and I found it, feeling great relief.

"How am I supposed to contact you if your phone is dead?" I grumbled at him as I took it and plugged it in. "I need to be able to call you and make sure you're okay!"

Crazy, I know. He certainly IS okay in that better place where he is.

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