Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm only a wee bit Irish

What a great weekend! I got together with my sisters, nieces, nephew and friends last night at O'Morrow's Pub for an amazing evening of watching The Scrubbers from Milwaukee Wisconsin play the best Irish rock, ska and folk music available in Wisconsin!

They were a fun group of guys, and amazing musicians! I had to buy a T-shirt to commemorate such a fun night!

And today, I went shopping with my sisters and we decided to go to South of the Border to have a quick meal in their Margarita Garden. I must say their Margaritas are blooming quite well!

This has to be a record. Two weekends in a row, we were blessed with the company of my niece Sami! I just love that girl! She is what the Irish would call Good Craic!

I also had great fun telling my favourite Irish joke to anyone who would hear it....

What's Irish and stay's out all night? Patty O'Furniture!!!!

With this amazing weather, it won't be long and I can start up the fire pit in the back yard! I can't wait! Although I am a bit worried with us having such awesome weather now, summer is sure to be a scorcher! I may have to break down and buy an air conditioner! I HATE Air conditioners!

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