Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bring on the Bailey's!

The Child has the day off school tomorrow, so I have a 3 day weekend as well! SKOAL!!!!!
I bought myself a fresh bottle of Bailey's and am celebrating the early departure of the work week.

It has been a long week in spite of it being a 4 day work week.
Valentines Day was Tuesday, and although we had a bit of a celebration at work with a mountain of yummy food and I ate myself into oblivion, the symbology of the day was not lost on me. I have no Valentine on which to focus my affections. And I know that it was only two short years ago that I was in the now defunct Morton Pharmacy browsing through their cards and trying not to bust into tears in public as I tried to find the perfect Valentines Day card for my dying husband. They just don't make cards for a situation like that. So I opted for humor instead. Crap!

I'm beginning to think I'm going to be single for many many years to come. The type of man I need just is not out there in the world of available suitors. I need someone who is extremely emotionally secure and strong. All the men my age that are available are pretty much broken. They're so wrapped up in fixing themselves that they couldn't possibly exert the energy into focusing attention on the journey that I have been on. Total waste of my time.

But it does help for me to look around this house with different eyes and realize that I really need to get busy. This whole house is an homage to my dearly departed husband. He's not coming back! Why do I still have all of his stuff everywhere? It has been a great comfort to me and The Child these past few years, but I think it is time to start seriously purging and packing.
I got a good dent into it this past weekend. And hopefully I can stay focused this weekend as well and do more. I have a severe case of Widow ADHD. And it SUCKS!!! I need to move forward!!!

I also joined Netflix this past weekend after putting it off for years and years. Thanks to the new SOPA laws passing, I just can't find any Groovy TV Shows out there on the web, and my co-worker Anne keeps talking about a show called Shameless that she started watching on Showtime that she says is so outrageous that she can't stop watching. Well, SCORE! I joined Netflix, and guess what? As usual, all of the really great American Television shows are merely new adaptations of British Television programs that have been around for years! So I started watching the British version of the show - even more believable, and even less restrictions to it! The show is awesome! Although I do wish I could see Edward H Macey and Joan Cusack playing the main roles. I'll bet they are fabulous at it! However, I adore the Welsh accents on the version I am watching. And the guys playing the supporting roles are simply yummeh!

My laptop has been behaving badly this past week as well. First it was the "R" that was sticking and not working properly. Then I got out the air can and blasted the poor thing only to find that whatever was hindering the "R" had then shifted over to the "T". Grrrrrr! But The Child spent some time on it last night, and suddenly the "R" as well as the "T" seem to be working quite well again! Hooray!!!!

Alas, my glass is empty. This gal wants another little tipple to constitute the early arrival of the weekend. I hope yours is as filled with hope and possibilities as mine is!

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