Saturday, February 4, 2012

John Cusack Made It Look So Easy

Well, I got my feet wet today. I've been chatting with a guy on the internet for the past 3 weeks and finally met him for coffee this morning. He's a real sweetheart. Certainly not my dream man, but hey, a gal's gotta start somewhere. And I just don't get out often enough to meet anyone in a social setting. Not to mention I'm a bit of a social retard.

And, hey! That added kick from that Vanilla Latte gave me enough energy to get a lot of cleaning done today!

Still, I hate this dating stuff. There's no handbook available. And even if there was, there is no Volume II with tips for aging social retards.

If nothing else, maybe I could write a book about my take on such experiences. And Joan Cusack can play my part in the movie adaptation. She'd be a good choice. Johnny Depp of course would play the leading male role.... oh yeah!

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