Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Shame!

I love ordering things on line. It saves me time and trouble, and often, I find better deals that way. Last weekend was one of those moments. The child had rented a video game and was asking me to spend another $7 to rent it for another four days. I then said "You still have your gift card from your birthday, how about we order it and then it will be yours forever?" So The Child and I placed an order for the game.

The site said that his game would be shipping via UPS Mail Innovations. Well, I assumed this meant it was shipping UPS Ground. But you know what they say about assuming! The package was actually delivered by our mail carrier! What the heck!? I paid for UPS shipping, and they pocket the extra cash and ship it regular mail? How fair is that?

It's like getting ready for a date with THIS GUY

And then having THIS GUY show up at your door!
Mind you, Steve Buscemi is a good actor, but he is NOT Brad Effing Pitt!

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