Friday, June 1, 2012

On Line Shopping

It's no secret that I adore online shopping. It is much more fun to come home from work and find a happy new package on my porch than it is to go out and fight the masses and make a decision while some old lady shoves her cart between you and the product selection you are trying to choose wisely from.

Tonight, I discovered that it is even more fun to write witty reviews for my recent purchases! I can't wait until Amazon sees what I have written!

I recently ordered a vial of Allergy Medication because I am oh so tired of signing a log book at my local pharmacy to promise that I won't be building a meth lab any time soon. And while I was at it, I also bought a new pair of work pants.

My review of the allergy meds and the vendor that shipped it to me was this:

"They are as nice as a box of newly born kittens! My box arrived quicker than grandpa can spin a colorful yarn, and the product was everything I had hoped for. My allergy symptoms are nearly gone, my hair has never been shinier, and my boss even offered me a promotion! Way to go, HBK Direct! You made my world a better place to live!" 

Oh, but wait! They also wanted me to review the pants I had purchased!

"These pants arrived in a stylishly lovely slate gray package that was easy to open. Inside, I found an enchanting pair of trousers that were just begging me to try them on. They muffle my muffin top in the most sexy way possible and all of my friends are so jealous that they have started calling me Princess Kate behind my back. Oh yeah. I hear them. Don't be hatin' on my new sexy pants!"

 Yup! I really did write that, and I really did hit send/publish!  I wonder if they will ever ask me for another review! Hey! You gotta mess with people now and again or life gets stale!


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