Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things to Do While Shopping With Your Sister...

Sister Barb called me tonight and asked if I needed to do any grocery shopping. Well, I just used up the last of my kitty litter last night, so yes, I do!

I didn't have a very long list, and ended up finishing first. THEN, it turned into an adventure!

Things to do while you are at the grocery store:

Wander down an aisle and run into a guy that you are sure you knew years and tears ago but cannot place the name or where you knew him from. Note to self - he is shopping alone on a Tuesday Night so is likely single. Check out the hair. Nice comb- over but overall, not one to quickly dismiss until I remember where I know him from (That's gonna drive me bonkers for weeks!).

Suddenly remember you need Tomato Sauce and head back to that aisle.  Locate sauce and move on.

Suddenly remember that you used the last of the Pepto Bismal this weekend and head for that aisle.

Run into guy I used to know from somewhere as I am standing in front of all the butt hole remedies. Oh yeah, now THAT is impressive!

Grab a pair of cheap gloves to match my new winter coat.

Realize you really have to pee! Park cart and ahhhh! Now that's better!

Stop and talk with sister to see how close she is to being done shopping. Buy some yogurt because John Stamos is really sexy in the commercials.

Head for the Dollar Aisle and peruse the items there.

Laugh and talk out loud to yourself about how silly the crap is in the Dollar Aisle.
See that Guy I used to know from somewhere just passed by and saw me talking to myself.

Feel like this person now believes me to be a mentally deranged creeper.

Run into sister again who says she is done shopping.


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