Thursday, March 24, 2011


A week ago, I went on a tryrade about dieting. I have been at this since Early February and haven't dropped much since the second week. So this past week, I have been naughty. I stopped being so strict with myself. If I want a Pepsi, I have a little Pepsi. If someone brings in a yummy treat to work, I'm gonna freaking have that yummy treat!

Well, guess what!? I am FINALLY down 11 pounds instead of that previously noted nine pounds!
Go ME!!!!

Of course, I don't go overboard. And if I DO have something naughty, that means I will be having just a salad for dinner. But you know what? As tired of saladsas I am, a salad feels better when I know I am inching my way to a milestone. And I like that!!!

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