Monday, April 25, 2011

No Stress, No Mess!

This is the best Monday I have had in such a long time! I am so glad I am on vacation!
I have a To Do list that I made last week, and I keep adding to it, and keep chipping away at it a little each day. It feels so good to be accomplishing all of the tasks that have been stressing me out for ages.

I finally got out in my yard and cleaned up all the mess and debris from last fall, and hacked up all the dead brush. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking, and didn't take any allergy meds first.... which lead to an asthma attack from inhaling all that pollen and mildew. Live and learn.

I wish I were more organized. I seem to be taking the ADD approach to cleaning. But I DID get 8 bags of trash filled to put on the curb tonight. I feel good about that!

The Child wants to have a fire tonight. I think I'm gonna burn the brush I chopped up today, as well as last years grape vines.

One mysterious thing I am wondering about, though.... it looks like somebody trimmed down my rose bush. I know that I did not trim it. So who the heck did? That's just odd!

I'm starting to get excited and frustrated about my front yard. I have some really cool ideas on what to do with that big area where the bushes used to be. I don't want it to become over-run with weeds again this year, and I want to lay brick-work over it, and still allow my Hyacinth Plants to sprout through, and have a ton of potted plants out there. I can picture it in my mind. All I need is my tax refund. It can't get here soon enough. I know what I want to do, and I want it done yesterday and not next month! But that's what I get for procrastinating on my taxes....

I had 2 step-stools on my porch that I took out back and stained the same color as the front steps. I want to set those out front as well, and put pots on them. I think that will look rustically cute!

I also started painting my bathroom on Saturday. I had chosen a color for the woodwork way back in December, and had been putting off painting. And now, as I started covering up that ugly green trim that I never really liked, I found that the color I was aiming for and the color I chose are quite different. I was aiming for burgundy, but I bought a berry color instead. But the more I paint, the more I really like the color. It's happy and bold! Hubby would HATE HATE HATE it! It is quite girlie. We are supposed to get some rainy days this week. I will get back to my painting on those days. It was far too nice outside today to spend it locked in a tiny bathroom!

Well, time to get dinner going, and then a fire! Have a great Monday Evening, everyone!

Oh! And Happy Belated Birthday to our "Little" Cracker! He turned one yesterday!

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