Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lif is just too crazy to believe sometimes

Had an old friend find me on facebook today. We haven't talked in 25 years. I don't even know how he found me on there since I have no mention of my maiden name whatsoever.

Way back in the day, we used to go to open mic's together and cheer each other on, and occasionally get together and do some writing. My gawd, that feels like an entire lifetime ago.
But today, he found me, and we got to talking, which then turned into a phone call. He said he has been trying to find me for forever because he really wanted me to hear what he has been doing with my songs throughout the years.

It turns out, he did some professional recording in New Orleans some years back with a top notch band who really understood what these songs were meant to be. Holy crap! I am absolutely floored at what they have done with my lyrics. It's flattering to know that someone thought so much of my talent to develop it so thoroughly.

Almost makes me want to get out the recording equipment and start over again... I may be old and chubby, and no one wants to watch an old chubby gal belt out some blues on stage... unless it's Aretha or Bonnie Raitt. But..... I could resume writing and pass on my lyrics on the off chance they land in the right hands and actually make some money. It would be so cool to hear something I wrote playing on the radio some day.

Thank you, Dean! You put a spring in my step today! I needed that!

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