Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

I have discovered a new web site this week. It is called
This site is for people who want to redecorate but have a difficult time articulating what it is that they really want a room to look like.

This site has really opened doors for me!

You start with a style that draws you in. I love how warm this room feels. I just want to grab a good book and laze around in there all day just reading and dreaming!

I love the oriental red paired with the Tuscany colored walls, and the complimentary browns tying it all together. It is both masculine and soft at the same time. And it gets me to thinking about the bedroom upstairs that has turned into a catch-all. It should really be brought back to life as a bedroom - if not for The Child, then maybe it is time for me to move back in there and let The Child have my room again. Although with the ideas I have, either one of us would be happy with the way it will hopefully turn out!

The awesome thing about going with a Tuscany / Oriental theme is that one is not limited to just a few colors. You can blend in a variety of hues so long as you have three main colors in the theme.
And this site makes me consider painting one wall darker so that it will pop and become a focal point. A place for the eye to begin when taking in the entire feeling of the room.

I Love the curtain on this window. There are two windows in the upstairs bedroom. I have often thought about just running a curtain rod across that entire wall. Maybe THAT would be the wall that pops?
And of course, there are features to this existing room that I absolutely hate. The closet is SO 60's. Wood paneling nailed to a bunch of 2x4's. It's a cobble job and it looks it! But I could buy a few rolls of parchment and a pile of 1x2's and build a bunch of Oriental Panels to turn that entire wall into storage space. Now THAT would look awesome!

The fun thing about that room is that it is so large that it can be transformed into something really cool. I do believe this will become my winter project. A little bit of this from one pay check, a little bit of that from the next pay check.... if I plan it right, it will all come together by spring!

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