Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hooray! My Hero Won!!

I watched the Biggest Loser Finale tonight.
Yeah, I know. A reality show. And a cruel one at that.
I don't know how these people are able to lose so much weight each week and still be considered healthy. But I still find it fascinating as well as inspiring.

Only a few weeks ago, there were 5 members of the Blue Team and two members of the black team left. They were all in the gym performing their last chance work out before that week's weigh in. The comments coming from the Blue Team were just appalling! Each of them was saying that they deserved to be there more than the two people on the Black team. They were acting as though those two ladies were garbage and they were the La Ti Da Queens of Weight Loss. It was then that I decided that I wanted Michelle on the Black team to win. I wanted her to totally wipe them off the map! And guess what! She DID wipe them off the map! She lost a total of 110 pounds to win the big money, and she earned every penny that she won. And she did it with total class.

So if this gal can drop 110 pounds in however long they really took to film the series, then surely I can drop 50 pounds in 4 or 5 months.

December is a tough month to lose weight. My diet went on hiatus on December 2. And so far, I'm up and down 3 pounds since then. My goal is to coast through December, and then come January, I'm gonna kick some Cellulite Booty.

I would love to get friends and family in the running as well. Competition always helps me reach my goal better. And it's a good competition, because win or lose, everybody wins by gaining a longer life span and more energy and renewed good habits.

Of course, when you're talking about doing this in a healthy manner, we also have to be realistic. Just as I had those two pieces of pie on Thanksgiving and still beat my co-workers in the challenge, there will always be temptations along the way that I won't pass up and will not feel guilty about. After all, we only get one life. The core idea is that if one watches portions and nutrition in the long run, a few indulgences along the way can't ruin the chances of achieving a goal.

I'm in the zone. It took me a year to get back to this point. I'm ready to focus and get it done. But for now, I think I'm gonna go browse through the Biggest Loser web site and let myself be amazed at the before and after pictures.

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