Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winner Takes All

Today was they day. The Big Weigh In. The End of the Weight Loss Challenge.
The day that separates the strong from the weak, the seasoned from the green.

As you'll recall, Miss Robin and I had a side bet going that we would out-do each other.
I had said that I planned to drop 10 pounds in 4 weeks.
She had said that if I was gonna lose ten, then she was gonna lose 11.

She's been walking around with 5 pound weights on her ankles and eating salads every time I see her. And then, she took last week off work to go hunting, and I had visions of her doing chin-up on branches in the woods, doing step aerobics on tree stumps, and walking great distances to burn extra calories.

Because of these visions, I was extra tough with myself this week, being sure to eat a good breakfast and a healthy low cal lunch, and a salad for dinner, and I just kept moving all week instead of sitting dormant like I normally do.

This morning, I stepped on the scale and it told me that I not only lost the 10 I had hoped for, but I also got that bonus extra pound as well! 11 pounds, my friends! Eleven! W00t!
That's 5.2% of my total weight!
The others were in the 3% category.

I am the proud winner of $80!

So to celebrate today, I had a big mac for lunch, and we went to Taco John's for dinner! Ha ha!
The rest of my winnings will go towards our Thanksmas Party. After all, we've got Whiskey to procure for the Eggnog, and Wine to procure for the Mulled Wine! Oh, I can't wait! Yum yum!
We are gonna Pah-TAY!

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