Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksmas never lets me down!

We held our Second Annual Thanksmas Party this past Friday Night.
We actually fit 20 people into our home somewhat comfortably and had a great time doing it.

Unfortunately, Hubby's menu got a bit out of his control, so we were left serving a ton of munchies and Hors Derves, but I don't think it was a great loss. We had plenty of alcohol and great music to go around.

And I'm still giggling about Son Andy and the "Thespians". The jokes for that are endless, and we continued with them all day Saturday. Andy of course insists that James and Amy's friend Rachel is not a full blown Thespian. But in my opinion, you either Really Love the Theatre or you don't. :-)

I only wish every one would have mingled a bit more. After all, these are all of our loved ones. Surely they all have much more in common than just us. But I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did.

Amazingly, I really wasn't all that hung over on Saturday. I think I owe that to not smoking two packs of cigarettes while drinking all evening. It really does make a difference. I was tired, but not dehydrated and headachy. Which is good, because we had yet another party to attend the next day!

I got to snuggle my grand nieces, and re-name the youngest, Sierra - who at 5 months old is already as big as her older sister. Her new name is POUNDCAKE!!!

I'll be going to work tomorrow, and I know Robin is going to ask how the party went. She was invited, but for some reason didn't make it over, which is okay. But she'll be sorry to know she missed her opportunity to finally meat Rich, whom we've been hoping to introduce her to. I'm wondering just how I'll re-cap the evening's events. I suppose a good place to start would be to say that I caught Rachel's cold. But that's nothing a lot of Dayquil can't get me through.

Just before the party, I strung Christmas Lights all around the house. It makes the whole place so warm and cozy that I think I'm going to leave them up for some time to come. Maybe I'll take the time to string them a little better and just leave them up year round. Which leads me to wondering where the heck we're going to put a Christmas Tree this year. We have to fit a family of 20 into this house again in a few weeks. A tree will take up precious table space which is needed for the spread of food we'll be serving then! What I wouldn't give to have just a simple fake table- top tree. But Hubby won't hear of it. Call me scrooge, but I'm tired of sweeping up needles in June.

But I'm getting ahead of myself! Before the tree can enter our home, we must first honor the passage of my day of birth. I'm old. I want red meat while I can still chew it. I have Tuesday off work, and I think I'm gonna force Hubby to take me to The Roxy for lunch so I can have a Cajun Steak. That's the stuff!

Thanks again to all who came. It means a lot to us!
Next year, there will be a simpler menu and more booze! \0/


Amy said...

Well, James and I had a great time. And Rachel and Brit agreed. And I must say James and I loved the comment about Thesbians... In fact, we couldn't help but laugh out loud for a minute before I could continue reading! Thank you guys again for being the hosts of Thanksmas. I would offer to have it at our apartment next year, but there are a few factors that might be a problem. First off, who knows where we'll be living this time next year, and second, most of the people who come to Thanksmas live closer to you. But James and I would be more than willing to come up early to help out somehow...assuming I don't have to work. Anyway...once again, we had a great time, and I'm very glad we started such an awesome tradition.

Shayla said...

Andrew and I had a great time! Thanks again for all of the fun, food and booze!

Aunt Bren said...

Amy, I'm glad I made you laugh!
I'm glad Rachel and Brit had fun too!
Maybe we'll have to invent a summer holiday like Inde-Labour Day or something so we can all party in our back yard! Everyone can bring tents!
And those water chestnuts were yummy!

Shayla, I'm glad Andrew joined us too!