Sunday, November 30, 2008

I stepped into a time machine!

So Hubby and I were talking the other day.
I love the way the dining room looks now, except that there is no door for the closet in there.
I asked him if he had any ideas. Me, I woulda just bought a curtain rod and a bed sheet to sew into a curtain (much cheaper than curtains!) and left it at that.

Hubby's suggestion was hanging beads.

"You know? That would be cool! But where does one find hanging door beads in 2008?"
"I'll bet Satori has them."

So, I wake up this morning and see that it is snowing. One of my favouritest things in the world to do is to walk outside while it is snowing. It is so gorgeous and peaceful!
I brought along the digital camera, but just as I found something picture-worthy, I turned it on and got nothing. No energy. Hmmm.

I wandered down town on my walk, and hoped to stop in to Satori to see of they did indeed have said bead door thingies. But, alas, they were closed until noon. So I had to wander back home with no door beads and no groovy pictures of the gorgeous snowfall.

I changed the batteries in the camera, and still no power. Which really makes me want to sob. I LOVE that old camera! Jim has a new one that is supposed to do everything but wipe your ass, but I can't even get the freakin thing to turn on! And the pictures I have taken with it never turn out good. This ancient dinosaur, however, has always been trusty and easy to use. I'll never find another one like it. Wah!

But, back to the door beads. So, after lunch, I say to Hubby, "Want come with me to buy the bead door thingie?"
He sighs and asks "Do I have a choice?"
Well, no, not really.
"Come on! It'll be fun!"

So, we jump in the van and head down town to Satori Imports.
I've only been in there once or twice since high school, and both Hubby and I immediately turn into teenagers when we step through the doors. They have the coolest stuff!

I was going to just wander about, hoping to run into the door beads, but Hubby suggested I ask the clerk. Sure enough, they had a huge display of them. And I instantly burst into laughter.
"Should we buy the one with the giant pot leaf on it?"
"Whatever." Hubby rolled his eyes.
"Well, does any one of them catch your eye?" I asked him, as I browsed through them all.
"I dunno." he was so helpful.
Of course, the one I liked was on the more expensive shelf of them. But, hey! I bought it with my Quit Smoking Money, so I'm worth it!

We got it home, and I got it hung up, and we stood back to admire it. The Kitten of course got up close to admire it. She thinks it's awesome!

"I love it." I declared. "And it makes me giggle. Buying it made me giggle, and having it in our house makes me giggle. Fuck decor. If it makes you giggle, buy it!"

I just may have to return for some of those Peacock Feathers they had there. Way retro!

By the way, I'd post a picture of the new beaded door thingie, but, well, you know...

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