Monday, November 3, 2008

If I end up on CakeWrecks.Com, I'll cry!

So, I did spend my Sunday making cookies for the election day. And while I was at it, I also made some to bring to work for Snack Day today - which is a good thing because Hubby reminded me that anything that could possibly sway a voter to vote one way or the other is not permitted on Official Voting District Grounds. So my cookies would be a no-no were I to make them all Smiling McCain Cookies and all Frowning Obama Cookies. So I shook it up a bit...

And, Look! They even play nice together on the same plate!
Although they did look much happier before I added the Obama Cookies...
I'm very glad we decided to have a snack day at work on a Monday. Mondays are tough - The harshest day of the entire week. A bit of comic relief and party food is a fabulous thing when you're facing the most stressful day of the week. In fact, I pointed out to everyone before we turned our phones on that today, we were actually like a living, breathing Mullet! Business in front, Party in Back! (If that doesn't make you giggle, then you totally do not get me!).

I over- ate today, of course. But at least I did get outside to take a quick walk around the grounds at lunch. What a gorgeous day is was! If I was smart, I'd pack a sandwich for lunch tomorrow and eat it outside while making two laps on the grounds path! Um. Yeah. I know I won't do that. But I do know I will be sure to get outside to stroll the path at least once.

Hopefully the beautiful weather will bring people to the polls tomorrow as well! I'm glad tomorrow is my early day at work! W00t!

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Shayla said...

I love the frowning cookies. All of them look plenty tasty, but the frowning ones also make me laugh.