Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween Weekend!
Hub and I had a good time Trick-or -Treating with Jerry last night.
I came home from work to find out that the latest plan was that we were going in a group with Michael's family.

It turns out that Michael's family doesn't put a lot of heart into Halloween. I guess his grandparents wouldn't let his dad Trick-or-treat because it was considered an evil holiday or something. Or maybe they were just old Ultra-Conservatives and didn't understand the concept of wandering from house to house with a pillow case begging for candy?

But I now understand why Michael and Enoch are always so fascinated with Jerry's Halloween costumes. It's because their own parents refuse to participate in the fun of getting one together.
Enoch and his older sis P.J. were both Brett Favre (Yeah! I KNOW, Right?!), and Michael borrowed Jerry's vampire cape from last year because he happened to have a set of vampire teeth. That was his whole costume. Teeth and a cape. Last year when Jerry ws a vampire, Hubby spent an hour doing his makeup and he looked frighteningly awesome!

This year, Jerry was a Zombie. He of course finally narrowed it down to this choice in the past week. But I think half the fun of Halloween is dreaming of the possibilities of who you could be for that one day. I'm just glad I didn't run out and buy fabric and start working on idea #1 because the very next week he was on to idea #2! But the Zombie costume was quite easy. We went to Good Will, bought over-sized clothes to cut up and smear fake blood all over, and then he found a scary mask and gloves as well. Total prep time = 2 minutes. Total effect? Priceless!

So does this mean that Michael will be a Zombie next year? I guess I'd best pack it away with care!

We also decided that next year we would go to Omro for Trick-or-treating. We'll likely take along Michael's family. McKinley Street is the best place in Wisconsin to Trick-or-Treat. Everyone on the street participates and has a great time!

And speaking of participation, There was a great Halloween Fright to be found over at the Malchow Abode last night. It's been a few years since they were able to put it together, but they had ghoulish fun happening!

Kim was the Grim Reaper, directing the kids toward the candy bowl.
Herrrrrman of course, was the headless monster in a chair just behind the candy bowl.
Marty was hiding in the van with a michrophone, making scary noises and beakoning the kids forth. And there was friends and family dressed in costume as well, helping to keep things in order.

You could hear them from blocks around! I think they were the hit of the neighbourhood!

In keeping with the spirit, I actually dressed up myself last night!
All day at work, I just wore a Silly Hat. But when I got home, I traded it in for my house coat, a shower cap, and white makeup on my face. Quick, simple, but festive! Ha ha!

So, what did you all do for Halloween?

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