Sunday, October 26, 2008

By the way....

I do apologize to those who find my smoking cessation to be a boring subject.
It's new to me and I'm really trying to succeed.
And although it is boring, it will lead to better things than remaining a smoker would for me.
And by no means will I ever become an Anti-Smoking Cigarette Nazi. Smokers will always be allowed to do so in our home, and there will always be an ashtray handy.

But on the subject of boring blogs: If I EVER post a blog strictly about my pets complete with pictures, affectionate nick names and their adorable antics, please feel free to tie me to a stake and start me on fire. Oh.My.Gawd! I am strolling through blogs here at blogspot and I could literally choke at the number of bloggers whom it seems need to ramble on about their pets in every other post!

I wouldn't mind an occasional "Yeah, here's the doggie. He's my bud." But NO! They go on to post 10 pictures of the same animal sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, giving their owner a dirty look for disturbing them, and oh yes, another pic of them eating, and why not just one more of them napping. Argh! Get a life, people!!!!!!

But while we're on the subject, here's a shamefully gratuitous pic of Octavia. Muwahha haahaahaa

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