Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There's a Sex Offender on Our Street

We had heard earlier this week that there is a registered Sex Offender moving to our street.
He will live directly across the street from Jerry's Buddy.

My Sis-in Law was kind enough to shoot me a link to the article in the Gannet about this guy.
And as I'm reading it, I'm saying 'Why does this guy's name sound so familiar?" He's 26. Hmmm.

Well, I got on that Lovely State Of Wisconsin web site and looked him up because the Sex Offender web site, although it shows a picture of him, did nothing to jog my memory. But The State of Wisconsin Web Site lists every offense this individual has ever orchestrated. And lo and behold, in scrolling through, I see a name we all knowlocally is listed as a plaintiff suing him. Turns out he's the baby daddy of her first grand child. THAT's where I know that name.

I also see several counts of drug possession and theft listed in his "carreer". Yay. We just get rid of some dealers on our street and now they give us one with a sex offender record as well.
Lucky us! But at least this one is originally from our fair city and not a transplant. I have no proof, but I've heard that our city gets certain "perks" for agreeing to house said stereotypes.
I'm just getting really tired of them all ending up on my street!

Ouch! It's just a little obvious I'm going through nicotine withdrawl. Go ahead. Cross me. I double dawg dare ya! Ha ha! I am strong. I can do this. I am strong. I can do this. I am a Nicotine Kicking Ninja MoFo. And I've got GUM! Oy!

Note: My friend Robin's Mom says FoMo instead of MoFo. I kinda like that!

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