Friday, October 24, 2008

Flu Shots and other random topics

I really need to poll other people who received the flu shot. I got mine a few days ago and man! Am I WINDY! WTF!?!? It isn't anything I've eaten, so it absolutely has to be the flu shot. And let me tell you, I don't appreciate waking up smelling like a dirty fart! That's just not who I want to be!

I received an E-mail from Cousin Terri last night. They're moving back to Wisconsin next month! I am so happy to hear this! They moved to Florida last year in an effort to be closer to her boys when they got to come home on leave from Iraq. But it's been quite an eventful year for them, and it's time to load up the wagons and head north once again! Hey! Maybe they'll come to our Thanksmas party!!!!!!!!!! W00t!

I have the day off work today. I'm being a lazy sot and I don't care either. I mainly took the day off to irritate someone. And it did irritate that someone. So my work is accomplished! However, I do have to go in for a mandatory meeting at noon today. Yay. If I were smart, I'd have jumped in the shower already and have my hair drying so that I could go in all gorgeous and well coiffed and have everybody be saying "Wow! You really look fantastic today!" and I'd be all "Oh, really? Must be cuz I had a little extra mirror time than normal, being a vacation day and all. If you all let me come in an hour late every day but still paid me for that hour, you could have me beautiful every day instead of only on my days off. Think about this offer. It may be worth it in the long run."
Yeah. I'm not in the shower. My hair will likely end up in a pony tail. Not happening.

What I would really like to know is how do I always manage to pick rainy days for vacation days? Does God not like it when I stay home? Or is he telling me that I ought to be ripping the rest of Jerry's ceiling out this morning and slathering some mud on those cracks so it looks pretty. I would like to, but we have a wedding to attend tomorrow and that will keep me from further diving into the ceiling venture uninterrupted. So it probably doesn't pay for me to invest a lot of time on it. But on the other hand, since it IS a vacation day, I really WOULD be getting paid by the hour for whatever I do accomplish today, whether it be Ripping a Ceiling or just Ripping Wind!

Perhaps I'll spend my day photoshopping the heads of Smiling Water Buffalo on to Obama's body! Woo hoo! I'm off to Google to collect images! Have a great day, my loved ones!

P.S. 11 days and no smoking. I shoulda had people place bets on me so I could collect!

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