Monday, October 20, 2008

Water Buffalo

I know most of you are wondering where the fascination with Water Buffalo comes from.
A few weeks ago, Jerry and I were bored, so I dug through our collection of old vhs movies and found Veggie Tales Silly Songs.
And one of these silly songs is The Water Buffalo Song.

Yes, it gets stuck in your head.

Then, at work, the boss asked Robin to do a survey with our patients. She was to ask them 5 questions, they were to answer her and she was to write down the responses.
After they'd walk away, I'd tell her "You forgot question number 6!"
And she'd say "There is no number 6."
"Have you ever owned a Water Buffalo?"

And it's grown from there. Another coworker was on the phone one day and hung up saying "Dang! That person just ripped my face off for no good reason!"
My immediate response was "Did you ask if they've ever owned a Water Buffalo? It coulda been a totally different conversation if you'd have asked that."

Then, the other morning, I saw that Jenny over at The Bloggess had a video (a faster loading link) about Water Buffalo! And how some people in the USA actually found some people in China who were willing to go out and find a Water Buffalo and purchase it with the money provided by the Americans and deliver the Water Buffalo to a needy Chinese family. It sounds like something so very simple. And actually, it really is! A family could use a Water Buffalo to till and plow their fields for 15 years, and then they could butcher it and eat for 6 months or more. In essence, providing a water buffalo to a needy family in their eyes makes them very rich.

So, I'm thinking maybe I ought to take some of the money I'll be saving from not smoking and use it to buy a water buffalo for a needy family in China! Would that be the coolest or what?

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