Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksmas is just around the corner!

The evidence is clear. I'm stocking up on extra glass ware, Hubby has at least 2 opened cook books in every room - all open to interesting chicken recipes, and the cleaning is being tackled by all. That can only mean that Thanksmas is next weekend!

The part that is fun is that we invite so many diverse people. We have friends who do drink, friends who don't drink, friends who shouldn't be allowed to drink, and friends that are a blast when they drink.

The food menu is still not set in stone. It turns out we have invited a guest who cannot eat red meat, which is no big deal to me. I LOVE chicken. If I were cooking the main dish, I'd say we do chicken sandwiches and beef or ham sandwiches and keep it simple. But Hubby is the one cooking the main dish. He likes to explore new territory when it comes to feeding large groups. So I am sure this will be a chicken recipe that none of us has ever had before. Of course we'll have other items on the menu too. And let me tell you, after being on this diet all month (which ends this Tuesday), I am going to be grazing like crazy! I haven't made peanut brittle since I was in Junior High Home Ec class, and I have been just craving some like crazy! So I'm going to try making that as well as some other yummy treats. But I think, just to please the other end of the spectrum, we'll have a nice tempting salad as well.

I really need to shop for a table cloth. I dread going out to The Marts this time of year. Hubby and I went out today with a short list and ended up at Walmart. Ugh! That was the only store that had what we needed (still didn't find a tablecloth, I got too stressed with the crowds!) . But I had to laugh when we entered. The greeter had jet black hair, black nail polish, black make-up on, and she's reluctantly welcoming everybody to the store. My first comment was "Check it out! They hired a Dead Chick for the Holidays! Sweet!"

Maybe we ought to have invited her to Thanksmas just to see how she acts after a few cups of mulled wine!? Dang! I can't wait for next Friday!


Shayla said...

There's going to be someone besides me who doesn't eat red meat at your party, or is that someone me? Either way, I'm still excited!

Aunt Bren said...

No, Hon, it's someone besides you! Cool, eh?