Friday, November 7, 2008

Change, it is a comin!

See what I did there? Heh!
So, I'm on to a new challenge.
Robin, my work pal has been trying to drum up a group to do a pseudo Biggest Loser challenge.
I had only 2 stipulations were I to join. The first, they totally had to up the ante. They had a group diet challenge from January through May this year where everyone kicked in $5. I told them the tale of the last diet challenge I was in. Every contestant kicked in $20 and the pool was up to $700. I cam e in second place. I made $100. Not bad
There's no way I'm killing myself for just a few bucks.

Stipulation #2 was that I will not do it through December. When they asked why, I said "Cuz I drink in December and you can't diet and drink at the same time."
They then said "Well how about if we go until mid December?"
I gave them a wicked grin and said "Sorry, no can do! I drink ALL THROUGH December!"

So, everyone is kicking in $20 and the challenge ends December 3. So I'll have some spare cash for Thanksmas - cuz I am SO gonna win this challenge!

I hadn't stepped on a scale since January. And I know I've been gaining weight in the last year, but OUCH! I'm at my heaviest ever right now! I've definitely got to turn that around.

I am still going to party through December. That's what December is for, after all!
But beforehand, I am going to make a dent. And come January, I'm gonna drop the rest. Yeah, it won't happen just in January, but that's the launch date. By June, I will be back at my "Fighting Weight" again. And when I get there, no body better die, and my job better still be intact, and stress better stay at livable levels. Cuz I don't want to bounce back to this weight ever again.

Since I quit smoking, one would expect to feel better. Nope. I know my BP is up, and I'm sure my blood sugar is up as well because that's what happens when you quit. Your body doesn't know how to release sugars because smoking has been making your body do that instead of your body doing it naturally. And until the body learns how to do that, you crave sugar. You crave it like a fomo! So I know I really need to drop the weight to lower the blood sugars and cholesterol levels. THEN I'll feel better.

The cool thing is, that Robin and I are both VERY competitive. She wants to beat me, and I want to beat her. We're just that way. Left to our own devices, we'd both cave and not lose as much as we want. But because it is a competition, we will try harder, and lose a respectible amount of weight. But I'm still gonna win. ;-)

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