Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I wish I were an Ostrich

Well, the Presidential election went about as I thought that it would.
Obviously, after having a Republican in the house for 8 years, it is time for a Democrat.
I knew that from the get go. But WHY OBAMA!!!?????

It has nothing to do with his race. I simply do not like the man. I see right through the lies and it
makes me amazingly angry to see anybody lie the way he does with no conscience or fear of
being caught out!

I though John McCain's concession speech was wonderful. I have come to truly respect the man
through this race for office. He could have chewed up Obama and spit him out a million times. But instead, he held tact. He refused to let it become a vicious battle. He kept the rules close to heart.
His followers were emotionally crushed, but he will live to tell another tale.

I survived the Clinton years (ick!). So I suppose I can muttle through the Obama Years without vomiting all over myself every time he addresses the nation.

The fun part is because I did get out and vote, and I did not vote for this shifty character that's going to drive our country into the ground, I have the right to point out every wrong turn this presidency takes. I have the right to complain as loudly as I wish about every thing he does that I disagree with. I get to laugh in amusement when he learns that he doesn't have enough ill-gotten money to pay his way through all of the troubles that await him in the hot seat. When he fucks up Iraq and wrestles his way through the Wallstreet Debachle he'll be wishing he hadn't bought his way into that office.

No, I won't be an ostrich. I'll be a bull dog. A watch dog. After all, someone's gotta keep an eye on someone that shifty!


Shayla said...

I kept myself covered. I voted third party, so that I would have the right to bitch about whoever got elected. Nobody can ever try to call me a hypocrite and say, "Well you voted for him!" =)

Aunt Bren said...

The media makes me want to vomit. Last night they were trying to say that they have not had as many Wisconsin Votes for one candidate since FDR. Pa - LEEEEEESE!

I don't think they even counted them. I know the ballot box at my voting location was malfunctioning. And I know it would take more than an hour to look over every ballot in that box to make sure they are all correct.
In the mean time, they're bowing to the electoral votes from Madison and Milwaukee - which really should not represent our entire state. Okay, I need to step away from the computer. I'm getting grumpy. Like a cookie! A Grumpy Cookie! I hate politics!

Aunt Bren said...

By the way, I voted for Bush both terms and never once did I bad mouth him. I always stood behind him no matter how retarded his decisions seemed. I knew he wasn't making said decisions for his own personal gain. Which is what I most fear of the Obama presidency to come.