Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Baby turned Eight!

Yesterday was Jerry's Birthday.
Lately, I love sleeping in on the weekends.
He started my day by waking me up saying "Daddy forgot to say Happy Birthday."
So I gave him a big hug, wished him Happy Birthday and then told him of all the big achievements he has conquered in the past year that make him a year older and wiser.
I think he liked that.

His Birthday Plans were to go sledding with his friends and then to either Dairy Queen or Taco Bell to warm up and eat some food.

I purposely didn't look at the temp for yesterday. I knew is was around Zero, but I also knew he'd be crushed if we didn't at least go to the snow hill and give it a try. So we all bundled up and collected all the kids and sleds and headed for the hill.

Because it was so cold, we had the hill to ourselves. That was awesome. We didn't have to worry about smashing into a stranger who was pulling their sled back up to the top. And the snow hill is the one place where it actually pays to be "The Big Girl" because the heavier you are, the further your sled goes down the hill. I had a blast snuggling cute kids as we whooshed down the hill together, and got a great workout climbing back up the hill with the sled.

Jerry decided after about 45 minutes that his face was getting too cold and that it was time to go on to the next phase of his Birthday Celebration. We had a cake ordered at Dairy Queen, and talked him into eating there as well. But he then felt it would be more fun to bring the cake and his friends home after that. Yay. We had to wait for the cake to thaw enough to be cut, so the kids all played ARMY while we waited. Then we sugared them up with cake and they played more ARMY. I was about ready to go find a quiet place to slit my wrists when suddenly the parents started calling to come get their kids. I love it when an evil plot comes together!

Then, Grandma K. came by with gifts for Jerry. We couldn't talk her into taking any cake home with her though. DARN! So we sent half of it home with Michael and Enoch. I'm sure it's been devoured by now! Jerry had a piece for breakfast this morning. I'm doing my best to avoid it. My angle of thought is, if it won't melt in the sink, then just what is that stuff made of and what is it doing inside our digestive system? Hmmmm.

We had a wonderful surprise in that our friend Berni showed up with a gift for Jerry later in the evening. She's his second mom after all. And being that she just gave birth to her own little bundle of joy last month, and her house is now filled with daily challenges, we didn't really expect her to stop by. It was wonderful that she did.

I think all in all, Jerry had a darn good birthday! Although he did say at the end of the day "Nobody bought me Legos." Can you believe it? I guess he really does want All The Legos In The World!

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Shayla said...

Tell him happy late birthday from me! I'll have to get him some Legos as a late present. They are, after all, the best toys of all. When we went to the Mall of America a couple of weeks ago, I spent $65 at the Lego store on toys. For myself. It was awesome.