Friday, January 30, 2009

I am Stoaked!

Cousin Terri sent me an E-mail this morning.
She's been talking to my sis and they discussed the notion of having a "Sisters Night" in Appleton some time this summer (End of May, beginning of June).

This "Sister's Night" would consist of renting a Hotel Room on College Ave and partying our butts off all night.

I told her that this really sort of falls into line with something I had in mind as a use for my Quit Smoking Money. We received a mailer some time back advertising The Copper Leaf Hotel as a vacation destination. It's right across the street from the Performing Arts Center and has gorgeous suites, a spa, a gym, a bar, a restaurant, whirlpool, oh so nice amenities. And I thought it would be totally cool to just spend an entire weekend there because it is right in the middle of all that looks to be fun about College Avenue.

To do this with my cousin and sisters would be extra fun.
In looking at their offerings, it will likely cost a good $450 for a whole weekend, but they would be willing to kick in some of the cost and it would really be a treat that I think we all deserve.

Now, the only trick will be to not get kicked out for being drunken and disorderly! ;-)

I can't wait! Come on summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shayla said...

You'll definately have to let me know when you are all in the wonderful city of Appleton so we can all have a drink (or two or three...) =)

Aunt Bren said...

By all means come join us!!!!
Cousin Terri is HILARIOUS when you give her liquor!!

Shayla said...

She's pretty funny without any liquor, so I can only imagine how much funnier she is with some.