Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Rain on My Parade!

I am feeling quite hopeful lately. The tides are churning and I think things are starting to flow in my direction.

I am getting a clearer vision of how I want my life to be. After all, it IS my life! And it is mine to mold as I see necessary.

I don't let rainy days get me down. I embrace them. I start a cool project. I think happy thoughts. I make my own sunshine!

Of course, I am ever mindful that this is Hubby's month. He would have been 46 on June 29. And yes, that sucks. But you know what? He doesn't want me sitting idle pining away for him. He wants me to move forward and be the strong woman I have been all of my life - only even better.

I'm making lists and starting plans. I am going to reach for my dreams.

To some, who are too afraid to reach for theirs, this may seem as though I am out of control. But in reality, I am simply continuing to produce magic in my universe. Get over it!

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