Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekends just end far too soon!

This was such a nice weekend!
Friday night, I finished up my landscaping, and had a nice relaxing evening.
Saturday morning, my sis and I went to the Farmer's market in the morning where we found a guy who makes metal flowers. I just had to buy four of them for my new landscaping.

Saturday afternoon, The Child and I went shopping. We were both low on summer clothes.

Then, Saturday evening, we went to Gallery Walk. Or was that Pub Walk? We didn't see much art, but it was an adventure! And after that, we went to the home of my sister's friends for a fire.

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day spent beading and doing light housework. And then my friend Rick texted me and said he was really in the mood for whiskey. So he came over for a few cocktails and we watched the movie Christine! I haven't seen that in forever! We topped it off with dinner from Niko's Gyros which is always spectacular.

Alas, it is now Monday. Sigh.

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