Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hooray for weekends!

I tell myself all week that come Saturday, I can sleep in. So Saturday comes around, and, oh boy! I slept in a whole 30 extra minutes! Of course, it doesn't help that my little girl kitty decided she wanted to cuddle at 6AM and promptly decided to fart when I was snuggling her! NOT a good way to start a Saturday!

SO, I have my dishes washed, and my shower is scrubbed. I'm thinking I may get myself together and head on down to the Farmer's Market. I need to stop at the hardware store again any way!

While at the Art Show last week, my sis fell in love with these little bird houses that a vendor had. They are for decorative puropses only. I said "Why would you spend $30 on something that I can make you for free?" So.... I am obtaining supplies and getting ready to start manufacturing decorative bird houses. But first.... I must complete my other pending project!

I work with a gal named Anna who is purely magical! She only works part time with us because her REAL job is that she is an Artist. And a fabulous one at that!

She knows I love doing mosaics and such, and had mentioned a while back that a gal in the booth next to her at an art show was taking old bowling balls and broken mirror bits and was mosaicing the bowling balls as yard ornaments! What a brilliant idea! It'll look just "Trailer" enough to work in my yard, and will annoy the neighbors!

My only dilemma is breaking the mirror. If you break one by accident, you get 7 years bad luck. What happens if you intentionally smash one? Hmmmm.

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