Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm a bit late in jumping on this train. I always knew it was out there, but Hubby was always so afraid of web sites like this, fearing that it was loaded with spam and viruses. But, DANG! I really wish we had downloaded this when he was still around.

We shared many a night listening to Jazz music and drinking wine and talking about whatever was on our minds. And I loved those nights - except when he would play Ole What's His Face Experimental Jazz Dude's stuff.... his name escapes me right now....

But with Pandora, all you have to do is choose a few artists and genres, and it grabs others like it to compliment the set. And I have a pretty groovy Jazz Channel going at the moment. I started out with George Benson - whom I adore, and Sting.... and Pandora added David Sandborn, Quincy Jones and many others. Jim would have loved this!

And although this makes me miss him, it also helps me to remember the good times we shared. And that makes it all worth the trip.

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